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  • Candles: Illuminating Ideas for Creative Candle-Making and Enchanting Displays Big SALE

    Title : Candles: Illuminating Ideas for Creative Candle-Making and Enchanting Displays ASIN : 0754801888 Description : A beautiful little gift book full of warmth and glowing with color. Stimulating ideas on making, decorating and displaying candles around the home. Easy-to-follow projects detailing the basic techniques of dipping, coloring, molding, rolling and scented candles. List Price [More]
  • Candlemaking: Creative designs and techniques Promo Offer

    Title : Candle Making: Creative designs and techniques ASIN : 0855326832 Description : Master the basic techniques and discover a whole world of creative candlemaking as this guide reveals how to make dipped, molded, and novelty candles. Projects included range from simple twisted, one-color, and perfumed candles to candles with embellished surfaces. List Price : [More]
  • Candle Making for the First Time Discount!!

    Title : Candlemaking for the first time ASIN : 1402713525 Description : “This guide for beginners…contains basic techniques in the question-and-answer format….Projects include the currently trendy multiwick candles and candles with embedded materials. This is a useful addition to general crafts collections.”—Library Journal. “How-tos, basic techniques, and enhanced projects, followed by a gallery of ideas….Venture [More]
  • Candle and Soap Making For Dummies

    Title : Candle & Soap Making For Dummies ASIN : 0764554964   Description: If you want to make your own candles and soaps, you need shopping lists for the basic ingredients for both. Get to know the types of candles you can make: tapers, pillars, or votives.   Basic Candle-Making Supplies Making candles and soaps at [More]
  • 7 Standard Type Candle Making Molds vs. 13 Homemade Candle Molds

    Candle Making Molds “What Type of Candle Making Molds Do You Use?” Dear Friend, Candle making molds come in many shapes and imagines. There are the standard molds, which will create various sizes of circular or square candles, or small trays that make a set of small tea light candles or votive. Candle making can [More]
  • Great Candle Making Ideas

    A very creative and enjoyable hobby and craft of many people is candle making. There are many candle making ideas that one can find to be enjoyable at the same time relaxing. Some candle makers...

  • The Joy of Making Hand Dipped Candles

    Hand Dipped Candles “Who Else Wants To Discover The Joy of Making Hand Dipped Candles?” Making hand dipped candles is a great hobby or business endeavor. Once you get the hang of it, the process is quite simple. For those who have the basics down cold, consider experimenting with the art of making hand dipped [More]
  • Candle Making at Home | Use Old Crayons To Make Candles

    Candle Making at Home “Who Else Wants to Discover How Much Fun Candle Making At Home Can Be For the Whole Family” Dear Friend, Candle making at home can be a joy for the entire family. If you have children in your home, chances are you have an abundance of worn down crayons that don’t [More]
  • Candle Making Techniques| How To Add Fragrance To Your Home Decor With Candles

    Candle Making Techniques “Who Else Wants to Know Candle Making Techniques That Add A Touch of Fragrance To Your Home?” Dear Friend, I would like to share with you a few candle making techniques that you can do yourself from the privacy of your own home. Candle making can be great fun, but candle making [More]
  • Candle Making as a Hobby | Candle Making Craft

    [ad#Candles Top] Candle Making as a Hobby “Who Else Wants To Know About The Joy of Candle Making As A Hobby?” Dear Friend, Candle making as a hobby will not only help you relax but once you see the result it will also give you tremendous creative satisfaction. In case you are very good at [More]
  • Cool Candle Designs | Marketing Your Candles

    Cool Candle Designs “Who Else Is Ready For Some Cool Candle Designs?” Dear Friend, There are so many cool candle designs and ways to make candles, and you are only limited by your own imagination. Cool Candle Designs Ideas Striped Candles – To make a vertically striped candle, begin with a candle made of one [More]
  • Soy Candle Making | 6 Steps To Making Soy Candles

    Soy Candle Making “Who Else Wants To Know The Secrets To Making Soy Candles?” Dear Friend, I like to share with you my soy candle making steps. Soy candles are probably the easiest candles to make compared to other types of candles like paraffin candles. Soy Candle Making: The Basics Soy candle making requires some [More]
  • How to Make Soy Candles

    How to Make Soy Candles “Who Else Is Ready To Learn How To Make Soy Candles Right From Home?” Dear Friend, How to make soy candles, well it is not as hard as you may think. Going green is becoming very popular in America today. One product that is becoming very popular and people are [More]
  • How to Make Scented Candles

    How to Make Scented Candles “Who Else Want to Learn How to Make Scented Candles?” Dear Friend, If you want to know how to make scented candles that can make any room smell so sweet, you come to the right place. Don’t you just love the smell of a nicely scented candle? How many times [More]
  • How to Make Your Own Candles

    How to Make Your Own Candles “Who Else Wants to Know How to Make Your Own Candles?” Dear Friend, Have you ever thought about how to make your own candles? Have you considered the amount of money you could save if you made your own candles at home, instead of buying them from the store. [More]
  • Simple Candle Designs

    Simple Candle Designs “Who Else Wants Some Simple Candle Designs That Are Easy To Make?“ Dear Friend, Are you looking for some simple candle designs? You come to the right place. Candles have been used for centuries and as a business candle-making have enjoyed a long and varied history.  Despite decades of technological improvements in [More]

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