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Which oversized wall art is best?

If you want to make a statement with your interior design, then you can’t go wrong with a quality piece of oversized wall art. Every room needs a focal point. So if you have the space, a large photo, painting, print or sculpture can make a great centerpiece. What you choose ultimately depends on your taste, your furnishing concept and the room layout of your house.

Because of its versatility, Giant Art Sea Huge Contemporary Abstract Giclée Canvas Print is our top choice, but there are many more options for any type of home.

What you should know before buying oversized murals

What Makes Wall Art Oversized?

The standard mural often does not exceed 2 feet by 3 feet. However, oversized works can stretch these proportions significantly. A 3 by 4 canvas will immediately catch the eye, but an oversized piece – measuring 5 to 8 feet – will draw even more attention.

Where should I place oversized art?

Because oversized art is so massive, the places you can display it are limited. Large walls are the first choice, and they are preferred in buildings with high ceilings, such as hospitals. B. Loft apartments, plentiful. Verticality reigns supreme here, and portrait standards shine in living rooms, hallways, and open hallways with high ceilings.

In more traditional homes, where ceilings tend to be lower, you’ll need to be a bit cleverer with your oversized art. Taller artworks could potentially cover a wall from floor to ceiling, which can look awkward. Capitalize on your horizontal dimensions by placing extra-wide artwork behind a sofa, above a headboard, or near a dining table.

How do I safely hang oversized art?

The bigger you get, the heavier your art will be, especially if it’s framed or on a canvas. You should always hang your art by the studs in your wall, as drywall just isn’t strong enough. Cleats can support up to 100 pounds. If you have concrete or brick walls, you will need to use anchors to distribute the weight.

What to look out for in high quality oversized wall art

print quality

Increasing the scale of an image can instantly strain its resolution, resulting in a blurry and dull image. Make sure the oversized artworks you buy are not only printed in high resolution with vibrant latex inks, but also with archival inks. Also known as Giclée, this process ensures the piece is fade resistant and will last for years.


In addition to print quality, material quality is a must. If you are looking for canvas wall art make sure it is high quality cotton canvas stretched taut over a solid pine frame. Unless you are purchasing an original work, your art will be printed directly onto the canvas using the same methods as a print. However, if it is authentic paint, make sure it has been sealed with a lacquer or clear coat medium.

Artworks on paper, such as graphics, posters, and photographs, should be printed on thick paper. Standard poster paper is generally pressed to 130-200 gsm. The higher the number, the thicker the paper. A heavy, quality print is at around or north of 200gsm.

Finally, when you’re shopping for oversized sculptural or 3D wall art, the materials can get a little trickier. For example, plastic can be cheap in one application, but the main material in another part. Use your best judgment and always choose the real thing (wood, stone, brass, and iron) whenever possible.


A poorly styled, oversized piece of wall art is loud. There’s a difference between a captivating focal point and an obnoxious attention seeker. Styling your wall art properly means finding harmony with your interior design scheme.

Expressionist and abstract paintings look great in strict, modern decors, such as mid-century modern and minimalist. Richly colored or dynamic black and white photographs look fantastic in industrial interiors.

On the other hand, patterns, motifs or impressionist works can create a wonderful color balance when paired with the more eclectic color palettes of boho, contemporary cheer and rustic homes. In the latter case, patinated graphics, sculptural Americana, and landscapes also work well.

How much you can spend on oversized wall art

Oversized wall art can get expensive because you’re paying per square inch for quality materials. Expect budget options to range from $100 to $300, while originals can fetch well over $500.

Frequently asked questions about oversized murals

How do I move or store oversized art?

A You should make sure to wrap stretched canvas in plastic and protect the corners with cardboard or foam. If you don’t have a storage unit or truck big enough to transport the canvas, you can always remove it from the pole, roll it, and disassemble the wooden frame. For posters, place acid-free paper on both sides, roll up and store in a poster tube.

Which frame should I choose for my painting or photo?

A Black frames are standard and go with almost everything, and they work best in modernist and minimalist environments. Gold plated frames add a touch of luxury to a modern home, and decorative gold frames are great for classic, boho and rustic decor. Natural wood frames are perfect for mid-century modern homes.

What is the best oversized wall art to buy?

Top oversized wall art

Giant Art Sea Giant Contemporary Abstract Giclée Canvas Print

What you need to know: This gigantic, watery painting is an abstract piece that will stand out in a variety of interior styles.

What you will love: It is available in three sizes: 54 inches by 54 inches, 72 inches by 72 inches, and 84 inches by 84 inches. The print is a giclée, so UV resistant and archivable. The canvas is modularly packaged and comes with an easy to use stretcher bar and mounting hardware.

What you should consider: You need to assemble and mount this part by yourself.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top oversized wall art for the money

Large mountain wall made of metal

Large mountain wall made of metal

What you need to know: Adorn your modern home with this minimalist metal mountainscape.

What you will love: Crafted from 2mm thick sheet metal, this sculptural mural is the perfect accent for a living room or hallway. It is powder coated with heat treated paint and available in gold, black, white and grey. It comes with two hangers on the back for easy installation.

What you should consider: While this piece is nearly 5 feet wide, the height is only about 2 feet, so it doesn’t seem oversized compared to other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

It’s worth trying

Large abstract framed wall art, hand painted

Large abstract framed wall art, hand painted

What you need to know: Measuring 5ft tall and 4ft wide, this pastel landscape is perfect for an empty vertical space in your home.

What you will love: You can have it framed and ready to hang at an additional cost. This piece is painted, not printed, for that truly authentic and textured look.

What you should consider: You have to stretch this art yourself if you don’t go for the pre-stretched option.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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