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I’ve been thinking a lot about Barenaked Ladies lately. And yes, the winters are long and cold where I live. But no, I was thinking of the band from Canada that goes by that name and not of women in their birthday suits who would get me in trouble on the home front.

The Barenaked Ladies have been around for ages, formed in 1988 and making fun, rollicking music that dares you not to smile while listening. You’ve probably heard her song “The History of Everything,” the theme song to the hit CBS sitcom The big Bang Theory.

‘The big Bang Theory’ The theme song “The Theory of Everything” is performed by Barenaked Ladies.

Great song no doubt but I have another of their tunes on my mind these days. It’s called “If I Had A Million Dollars”. Recorded in 1992, it’s a catchy, goofy song tinged with endearing innocence and promises tons of stuff the singer would buy a loved one if they had a million dollars.

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