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Retake/Remake allows people to purchase very affordable materials to fuel their creativity, says founder Barbara Korein von Cortlandt (second from left), pictured with volunteers (from left) Felice Gittelman, Joann Boniello and Linda Buckiewicz folding a fabric donation.

Don’t know what to do with your kids’ old markers and crayons? Do you have extra rolls of fabric in your basement or wrapping paper in your pantry? Well, don’t throw them away! With the help of Peekskillis new Replay/Reissue Space, used craft donations can have a second life.

Cortlandt residents Barbara KoreinPresident of the non-profit art supply thrift store called Retake/Remake, and a group of dedicated volunteers who just opened a shop in Peekskill’s hat factory in February. The shop is happy to take your art supplies and will sell art supplies and leftovers to the public at a fraction of the original price. According to Korein, “It’s a great destination for artists, teachers, craftsmen, DIY enthusiasts, parents, children and anyone who wants to live more sustainably.”

According to Korein, the top priority in Retake/Remake’s mission is to remove reusable materials from the waste stream. “Secondly, we want to encourage people and make it easy for them to get involved in sustainability,” she says. “It should feel really good knowing you didn’t just throw your kid’s art box in the trash. As 501(c)3 [nonprofit], we can offer donors a tax deduction for items they donate to us. And they will live on.”


According to Korea, “The third part of the mission that I’m most excited about is that by bringing all of these materials together, we create a business that will reach out to the surrounding community and give them the opportunity to buy very large, very affordable materials, which are both traditional and very unusual. For me it will be a place that will boost people’s creativity.”

Korein envisions that Retake/Remake is different from a typical craft store. Alongside items such as pencils, markers, fabric, stickers and stamps, there will also be more eclectic offerings such as vintage 1930s photographs, old cigar boxes, retro pens and gilded frames. The shop encourages “creative reuse”, which means reclaiming something for your own use and creations in new and different ways.

“We want to promote sustainability,” says founder Barbara Korein (right) with volunteer Felice Gittelman.

Although Retake/Remake only opened in February, Korein has worked hard for over two years laying the groundwork and has been involved in the art for decades. She has been an artist for 40 years and taught photography and studio art in high school fox alley and Somers high school for 12 years. In 2008 she and husband Jim Korein moved from Chappaqua in Manhattanbuy their home in Cortlandt as a weekend and summer retreat.


While living in Manhattan, Korein has been an active artistic volunteer and has become the Board Chair of Friends of Materials for the Arts (MFTA). A program within the New York City Department of Culture accepts the MFTA creative material donations from businesses and individuals and distributes them free of charge to the city’s public schools and nonprofits with arts programs.

“I was really excited about their mission and saw the opportunity for people who don’t normally have access to good materials to get it. And I was also impressed with the saving of all the waste – from places like the fashion industry and museums – that was very useful material,” says Korein.

Korein brought her experience with the MFTA when she and her husband moved their primary residence to their home in Cortlandt when Covid-19 hit in March 2020. “When I first started living out here it was during the pandemic and I had a lot of free time on my hands. I had the idea of ​​replicating this New York program in the suburbs,” says Korein.


Korein has done extensive research, call creative reuse centers across the country (there are over 50 centers) and follow them on social media. She also reached out to many of the local arts organizations in the county ArtsWestchester and Katonah Museum to Peekskill Arts Alliance.

In 2021, Korein founded Retake/Remake and gained non-profit organization status. “The plan is to run the art thrift store as a volunteer organization with people passionate about our mission of sustainability, reuse and creativity,” says Korein.

Retake/Remake is open for shopping on Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm to 5pm. People can also make appointments to drop off donated materials any day during the week by emailing the shop

For more information, see, as well as on Facebook and Instagram of the shop.

Laura Joseph Mogil is a freelance writer living at Briarcliff Manor.

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