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Buying something on Etsy can be overwhelming. But buy art? It’s so disheartening that at times it makes you feel like it’s not even worth trying, it just is a lot of to read. But for this very reason, the marketplace deserves to be one of the first places you look for unique pieces for your home. There’s literally something for everyone – all it takes is time and serious determination to find these amazing Etsy art shops.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury (or willingness to shop). But knowing the treasures that lurk in Etsy’s endless depths, TZR has dug for you and put together a list of some favorites. It’s by no means exhaustive – after all, there are thousands, if not millions, of stores on the platform. However, it does contain a range of highly rated, highly creative options that many people love, from original oil landscapes to painted silk wall hangings.

It’s never a good idea to visit Etsy without a plan, especially when it comes to finding treasure in its wealth of wall art. Here are some of the best stores to help make your shopping spree easier.

At TZR, we only include products that have been independently selected by our editors. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article

Mina Okamura is the photographer behind MOPhotographyPrints, a shop featuring photos from her travels around the world. Although her work is quite vibrant, it also contains a quiet stillness thanks to her muted colors and careful composition. Prints are made to order and professionally giclée printed on matte archival paper.

Price range: Approximately $15 to $185

DESEDAMAS combines the respective skills of silk painting and textile art of the sisters Cecília and Mercè González. They hail from Spain and years ago they decided to combine their talents to experiment with art and develop their own techniques. As such, their shop is filled with silk that they hand paint, dye, sew and print, resulting in colorful textile art like you’ve never seen before.

Price range: About $160 to $2,400

Nonily is a digital download shop on Etsy that offers affordable graphic art. Topics include women, travel, nature, food and more. So if you have a special interest, there are many creations to explore. Nonily’s work tends to be quite simple, but with her beautiful use of color and negative space, she is endlessly interesting to look at.

Price range: $7.99 for digital downloads

As an editorial and fine art photographer, Desirée Pfeiffer creates images that, according to her website, “tell a story, or at least allow the viewer to imagine a larger scenario beyond the image itself.” On her Etsy page you will find colorful still lifes (mostly flowers) that are so artistic and imaginative they could pass for paintings. If you are looking for something colorful and unusual, this is the place for you.

Price range: About $40 to $350

Ukraine-based WeavingSoulStudio was founded by artist Olha, who designs and creates minimalist textile art, baskets and more. If you’re looking for soft, neutral, and understated pieces, head here; Every embroidered canvas in the shop features very muted tones and basic geometric shapes. Currently, 10% of each order is also donated to help the Ukrainian army and rescue animals abandoned in areas where fighting is raging.

Ranran Design by Spanish designer Belen Senra has a specific approach: using traditional textile techniques to create contemporary designs. The resulting macramé and woven wallpapers therefore appear somehow old and new at the same time. With an abundance of textures and intricate details, it’s not your average wall art, making the pieces the ultimate statement-makers.

Price range: Around $350 to $3,900

Brittnee Lavender is the creator of CityandFlowerCollage and describes herself as “a fashion forward artist and reinventor with a hunger to share past images of black and brown humanity”. You’ll find just that in her latest collages – they feature vintage photos stitched together to create scenes that depict “Lavender’s own romanticized, quirky perspective.” Purchases also benefit an important cause: CityandFlowerCollage donates quarterly to Color of Change, a nonprofit civil rights attorney.

Price range: About $15 to $115

Portland, Oregon, resident Krista McCurdy describes herself as a rule breaker – which is what actually led to her developing the wet cyanotype process she uses to create her art. This is why her pieces feature a range of colors and visual textures that differ from the traditional blue and white cyanotype print, and why the botanical artworks on her Etsy shop are so unique. Luckily, McCurdy also makes her designs accessible: digital downloads are available for under $10, and you can buy original works for around $100.

Price range: Approximately $5 to $140

Georgia-based artist Amanda Tanner creates so-called “place portraits,” which are landscape paintings that “capture the essence of meaningful places.” With their deep layers of color and blurred shapes, they feel genuinely soulful in a way that makes them seem like a memory on canvas, and that applies to both their prints and their originals.

Price range: About $30 to $3,900

Very little information is available about StudioIOLA, but you don’t need to know the background to see that this art is worth buying. His abstract plaster paintings are sculptural and 3D, making them the perfect way to add unexpected texture to your gallery walls and spaces. However, each piece is made entirely with neutral colors so they don’t overwhelm a room. This is definitely a shop for the minimalist at heart.

Price range: About $280 to $870

Lemons and Yarn on Etsy is run by Heli Savila, a Helsinki-based punch-needle yarn artist. Savila’s work focuses on abstract painting with yarn, and she mainly uses soft, soothing colors. Her pieces look a little otherworldly in a quiet way, featuring unique textures and shapes that you won’t find elsewhere.

Price range: About $50 to $1,300

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