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Bathrooms can be a space in your home where you focus on important business, but that doesn’t mean they have to look drab and cold. Whether you’re the type who sees a bathroom as a space where you spend as little time as possible, or as a sweet retreat to bathe in at the end of a long day, you should still invest in a little decor to round off that space to make you feel more inviting. Here are the best bathroom wall decor picks that we recommend.

Bathroom Wall Decor Buying Guide

A modern bathroom consists of hexagonal shelves with plants on them, a mirror and other furniture and decorations.

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Why buy bathroom wall decoration?

The simplest answer is to make this room feel cozier. Sure, the bathroom can be dedicated to bathing and using the facilities, but it doesn’t have to be strict. Beautiful decor can make your bathroom look more inviting and like an extension of your overall home design scheme.

What should you pay attention to when buying wall decorations for the bathroom?

  • Dimensions: It is important to ensure that any wall decor you purchase is compatible with the location where you intend to hang it. Not everyone has a large bathroom with a lot of free wall space. So always measure your wall before you start shopping.
  • Assembly process: Check in the same way how an item can be mounted. Consider whether you want a decoration that doesn’t require drilling holes in your walls or you prefer the permanence of a hardware mounting application. Additionally, this is important to consider, especially if you are renting your living space rather than owning it. Having to lose your security deposit after moving out repairs can be a huge deterrent to wall decor.
  • Function: Some wall decorations should just be pretty. But it can also be functional, such as additional storage space with shelves or hooks for towels, or an LED mirror that makes getting ready in the morning much easier.
  • Draft: There are so many options when it comes to bathroom decor. So this is an aspect where you can get creative and choose items that match your personality or design style.

Which Fixing Style Should You Choose For Your Bathroom Wall Decor?

A number of factors play a role in this decision. First, consider whether you rent or own your home. If you own your home, other than the little spackling you need to do to patch holes, you don’t need to have any qualms about choosing a hardware mount over a wall-safe alternative. Meanwhile, renters who want their full security deposit back may want to avoid mounting hardware and opt for adhesive mounts. However, if you decide to go for a larger or heavier piece of decor, you’ll need a hardware mount to ensure it doesn’t fall off the wall.

Our pick for the best bathroom wall decor

Best Shelf/Towel Rack

Advantages: Form and function come together in this pair of floating wall shelves, designed with a rustic touch. The shelves also include towel rails, making them ideal for expanding your storage space for towels, washcloths and more. The rustic wooden shelf is also available in seven versions. Each of these shelves can support up to 40 pounds, and all necessary mounting hardware is included.

Disadvantages: Farmhouse rustic is a specific interior style that may not appeal to everyone. The pre-drilled mounting holes do not always line up correctly between the metal frame and wooden shelf, meaning you may need to do a little extra work to make this set work for your home.

bottom line: Fans of farmhouse decor will love this shelving set and the extra storage it provides for towels and other bathroom essentials. But the possibility of getting a set with misaligned drill holes can make this more work than expected for anyone who doesn’t have a drill nearby.

Best Framed Funny Quotes

Advantages: Sometimes wall decor doesn’t have to be incredibly functional. But it can be a great way to inject a little whimsy into a space that’s often used purely for business. This fun wall hanging reminds the rest of your family, roommates or even guests that changing that empty toilet paper roll is a chore for everyone. Choose from eight different tongue-in-cheek statements that will let everyone know what’s happening in the bathroom.

Disadvantages: Some more conservative individuals might feel that these sayings are a little too bold for their home. Meanwhile, some people don’t like the rustic wooden frame.

bottom line: If you want a simple way to brighten up your bathroom without overwhelming the space, these fun framed wall art sayings are a quick way to add some charm to the room.

Best LED mirror

Advantages: Getting ready can be a nuisance when you’re struggling with traditional bathroom lighting, which tends to be pretty poor — making it terrible for makeup application. But this LED mirror from Keonjinn is a serious upgrade. Along with the built-in LED lighting, you’ll love that it’s fog-free – meaning you can use it as soon as you hop out of the shower with ease. And you can adjust the brightness with confidence because this mirror will remember your last brightness settings when you turn it back on.

Disadvantages: While most people remarked that assembly was fairly easy, there are a few caveats. As this is a lighted mirror, for a seamless installation, ensure that there is an electrical outlet or at least direct access to a power source behind the mirror so that no wires are visible. Although you can install it independently, many people have found that it is better to have a professional electrician install it.

bottom line: If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom experience with a dimmable LED mirror, this choice is a solid choice. With its memory settings and an anti-fog function, it will make the preparation much easier.

Best lighting

Advantages: If the idea of ​​installing an entire bathroom vanity mirror with built-in LED lighting is intimidating, this choice is an easier upgrade that doesn’t require as much fuss. This LED light features a crystal finish that will add a touch of sophistication and class to your bathroom. Meanwhile, the classic light design means all you have to do is replace your current over-mirror light with this one – which is a far easier process as you’re connecting to existing electrical wiring.

Disadvantages: As is often the complaint with home improvement installations, many people found the instructions difficult to follow. In particular, while an instructional video is provided, it does not provide details on how to install this light if you have a junction box.

bottom line: This light can be a simple solution for those looking for a modern look for their bathroom without the fuss as you can simply replace the existing vanity light without redoing the wiring.

The best candlesticks

Advantages: Those obsessed with beach vibes will love this beach house-inspired sconce set from TideAndTales. Each sconce features a starfish set against a rustic set of white wood planks. Made of natural wood and rope, they hold candles stably. All necessary hardware is included.

Disadvantages: Similar to any other themed decorating choice, this will not suit every decor style. Some people renting rooms may not be interested in this wall lamp set as it needs to be drilled or screwed into the walls.

bottom line: Rustic fans looking to recreate a beach vibe will love this set of nautical themed wall lights, complete with starfish, wood and rope. However, this may not appeal to everyone, and those renting out their home may not want to choose an option that requires hardware assembly.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it: we need to go to the bathroom at least a few times every day. But that doesn’t mean you have to be surrounded by bare walls and a drab interior. Good wall decor in the bathroom can help bring life to this useful space.

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