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Community members are pictured at last year’s Orchard Lake Fine Art Show.


WEST BLOOMFIELD – The 19th Orchard Lake Fine Art Show will be held July 30-31 in West Bloomfield.

From the perspective of Debbie Binder, a member of the West Bloomfield Community Board of Trustees, the show is a “summer celebration” for West Bloomfield residents.

“As an art lover, I personally believe that the Orchard Lake Fine Art Show sets the standard for high-end art exhibitions and gives West Bloomfield a prominent presence in the art world,” Binder said via email. “The Orchard Lake Fine Art Show draws visitors from across the region and showcases West Bloomfield to a huge audience. … The show’s producer, Patty Narozny, works hard to provide a show that represents the quality, diversity, and values ​​of our community.”

According to a press release, the show has been voted one of the top 100 art shows in America for the past 12 years that it has been in production, with art across all disciplines being original and handcrafted.

The publication goes on to say that the show has “something for everyone” and in all price ranges.

The show will take place on July 30th from 10am to 6pm and on July 31st from 10am to 5pm.

Parking is free in the back half of the lot behind Beaumont Medical Center at 6900 Orchard Lake Road between 14 Mile and 15 Mile streets.

“Drive all the way to the end of the car park to the art exhibition entrance on Daly Road,” the press release reads.

Aside from the arts, Narozny said there will also be “non-stop entertainment,” including musical performances.

“There’s plenty of food, fun and entertainment,” Narozny said.

Despite all that the weekend’s celebrations have to offer, Narozny says the “visual arts” are the main draw for show-goers.

She estimates that between 7,000 and 10,000 people attend the West Bloomfield shows each year.

“We’ve built a reputation in Metro Detroit, ‘This is the show you have to go to,'” Narozny said.

Narozny, who also works outside of Michigan, explained one of the reasons for the shows’ popularity.

“Because we’re doing shows nationally, I’ve built a great reputation nationally,” she said. “We bring artists to Michigan — and other high-quality art to Michigan — that you don’t see at many other Michigan fairs.”

This is the second year in a row that the Orchard Lake Fine Art Show is scheduled to take place since it was canceled in 2020, which West Bloomfield Community Supervisor Steven Kaplan said was due to COVID-19.

He shared his perspective on what the show brings to the West Bloomfield community.

“It’s a wonderful event because it energizes our community,” said Kaplan. “Last year and maybe the last two years have been depressing with restaurants closing and events not being held. This is an opportunity for our residents to get together, meet old friends and enjoy a very nice art fair at a low cost.”

Admission is $5, but under 13s attend for free.

According to the press release, residents can keep their entry and exit receipts for the duration of the show.

Narozny said there are usually around 140-150 artists present at the Orchard Lake Fine Art Show.

However, she expects things to be different this year.

“Unfortunately, due to the economy and extreme gas prices, the show will be smaller now,” Narozny said. “We’re still at about 100 (or) 110 artists. We’re losing artists because, for example, people from Florida aren’t going to Michigan this year because gas prices are too high, and that’s having a big impact on our industry.”

Narozny discussed the relationship of Michigan-based artists versus non-Michigan-based artists.

“We have about a third from Michigan and two-thirds from other states,” she said. “So you’re going to see artists that you won’t see on a lot of other shows. … It’s a quality show — boutique style.”

Narozny said a lot of planning goes into the shows.

She confirmed the community and the police, fire and code enforcement departments.

“They are huge (and) on top of this show by making sure everything is safe,” Narozny said. “They are our partners on the show.”

The Professional Artist Awards will be presented on July 30th at 3pm, followed by the Raymond James Youth Art Competition on July 31st at 3pm.

The youth art competition is open to students in grades K-8 or ages 5-13.

Cash prizes will be awarded at both awards ceremonies.

For more information email patty@hotworks.org or call (248) 762-2462.

Narozny said people “are coming from all over the Detroit area for this.”

“I’m glad we have a show,” she said. “We have a nice show. It goes very well together.”


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