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With every photo session, whether selfies or group pictures, you leave behind endless photos. With a reliable digital photo frame, you don’t have to choose favourites! It’s the perfect way to capture unforgettable moments and to feel close to loved ones. While you might convince yourself to have your photos developed and framed, not every shot will end up in a picture frame. Plus, with all your wall art already in place, your living room doesn’t have room for another art gallery. Show off precious moments like your son’s first steps or the time your dog made your bed his fortress – it’s a thoughtful accessory for your desk.

There are thousands of photos on your phone that have yet to see the light of day. We’ve found the best digital photo frames to help your favorite memories live on without a grainy photo in sight! Some of the frames can play video and we’ve even highlighted a frame that doesn’t require wifi. Your roommates won’t be running back and forth about which photo is best (someone always blinks at the wrong time), so there’s peace in your household. A digital photo frame will put a smile on your face no matter where you place it. You’re just one upload away from living like the Jetsons.

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Overall best

Carver Luxe Digital Photo Frame

  • Easy upload process
  • The light sensor automatically displays the brightness
  • ‘Buddy Frame’ for pets
  • Top quality and reasonable price
  • Only available in landscape format

I gifted this freestanding frame to my mom and she fell in love with it! Setup is pretty easy – there’s a code for gift givers to preload the frame with photos. She pocketed the frame and was able to scroll through our favorite pictures (I even added photos of my siblings to be fair).

Wi-Fi is required for the frame and you can switch photos with a sleek touch bar. And if your gift recipient loves social media, you can send heart emojis with each swipe. You can upload photos via

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Best Splurge

Meural Canvas II

  • Innovative and modern anti-glare screen
  • Available as table frame or canvas
  • Access to huge art galleries and streams NFTs
  • 1 year free membership
  • Works best with subscription service
  • Expensive

Here’s another personal favorite for a completely different reason: the frame is literally a work of art. From the canvas you have direct access to an extensive art catalog (over 30,000 images), from works by new artists to classic masterpieces. The art actually looks like it has been painstakingly painted onto your screen. Your guests will be entertained as you swipe with a flick of your wrist, voice control or the app, meaning your screen stays smudge-free! It is connected to Wi-Fi to share photos, so your family can feel like VIPs.

Poppy Simpson, Head of Content and Curation at Meural, was motivated by a desire to make art a part of people’s everyday lives. “The Meural doesn’t compete with your TV. It’s about displaying something that matters in the moment and underscores your mood,” she explains.

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Best ad

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

  • Wi-Fi/No Wi-Fi usage
  • Great display quality
  • User-friendly setup
  • Not touchscreen
  • No built-in storage

Hailed as a family-friendly favorite by nearly 7,000 Amazon customers, this model will make you feel connected to loved ones thanks to an impressive 15-inch screen. An account can be linked to 25 frames. So if you have a large family, be prepared to keep up to date with all the exciting news! Send your favorite photos via email, an app, or even connect to your Instagram account. It also features a motion sensor, so the screen reveals a precious memory as soon as you enter the room.

Review: “This is my 4th and I love her more than ever. I have given one to my elderly parents who don’t get out much and as a wedding present. My kids are older and scattered across the country so it’s a great way to stay connected. Just give friends and family your email address for the frame…”

Dimensions: fifteen” Storage: 8GB Resolution: 1024×768

Best multipurpose

Google Nest Hub Max

  • The live album does not require uploading
  • Stereo speaker system
  • Connected to smart devices/technology
  • Distracting Notifications

If your day starts and ends with “Hey Google,” the Nest Hub can be used to display an album that instantly adds new photos as you take them. Using your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, you can play music behind your images to bring the images to life.

While Google can answer all your questions, the interruptions from notifications and alerts can distract you from admiring your pictures. The hub can clash with the already existing decor if function and beauty are what you’re after.

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Best Non-Wi-Fi

NIX Digital Photo Frame

  • Date/time appears wherever you want
  • Energy-saving motion detector
  • Customizable slideshow

This auto-rotating frame is characterized by the fact that it does not require WiFi and is very user-friendly for those who are not tech-savvy. There are various slideshow transitions to choose from for your hundreds of photos and videos. Setup is easy using a USB stick or memory card to view images instantly. It also includes a detachable stand that allows you to place the frame on your desk or mount it on the wall.

Rating: “I use the on/off timer function instead of motion detection. You can choose between image transition types or just a simple image change with no transition. You can also view the time, day, month, and year, view the time in different places on the screen, and adjust the size of the display…”

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best video

Kodak Digital Photo Frame

  • Including rotating stand
  • Weather and location updates
  • Available in ocean blue or rose gold

For an extra dose of nostalgia, opt for a KODAK Rechargeable Digital Frame! It can also show your calendar, sync weather to your location, and play videos. Enjoy vivid clips of a fun trip or inside joke whenever you want!

reviews: “Purchasing the Kodak picture frame was a great investment, they were able to see all the memories we made and were up to date on our current adventures. We simply connected it to their WiFi and added images to the cloud, which then displayed their frames instantly. Not to mention we could also add those cute snap videos we made or add audio to accompany our pictures. Image resolution is great and storage capacity is amazing…”

Advertisement: 10″ storage: 16GB, 10GB cloud resolution: 720p

Best touch screen

Nixplay Touchscreen Digital Photo Frame

  • Option to print photos with Fujifilm discount
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google
  • Various frame options

You will not lose any quality when this digital photo frame is rotated in portrait or landscape mode. The HD screen offers clear images of your greatest moments. Through the nix FamilyCircles group, you can invite your family to join your photo playlist for updates on your kids, new pets, or latest adventures. Feel free to say goodbye to FOMO!

If you have more photos than you can count, you can join Nixplay Plus for 50GB of cloud storage (originally 10GB for the cloud and 8GB built-in), lifetime warranty, a print discount, and up to 10 pictures.

Advertisement: 10.1″ Storage: 8GB, 10GB cloud resolution: 1280×100

What you should look for in a digital picture frame

Memory usage: Whether you live in a tech-savvy household or are planning to gift a digital photo frame to someone who isn’t in love with the digital world, the best digital photo frame is all about function and storage. If you have thousands of pictures stored on your phone, the first thing you should look for is a frame with a large storage library. Some frames have built-in storage, use the cloud, or use a microSD card. This can also take up space for frames that have options for playing videos in slideshows.

Accessibility: There are digital photo frames that work with a remote control, touch screen only, or are advanced enough to change photos with hand gestures. Most frames require Wi-Fi, but there are some that upload images without Wi-Fi. Connectivity lets you determine if you want access to your images at all times and compatibility with apps. User-friendly settings such as motion sensors, a large screen (usually 8 to 15 inches), automatic photo rotation and HD quality of the image make your overall experience with the frame easier and worthwhile.

How long do digital photo frames last?

Length varies by brand, but according to Pix-Star, most digital photo frames can last around 1,000 hours. Some frames have power saving features to save your battery or the overall life of your device. Be sure to check your frame’s warranty for technical issues for a replacement or bug fixes.

Other features to consider:

  • size
  • Wall mount or desktop
  • motion sensor

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