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What used to be blank walls lining Pensacola’s Shoreline Foods International Market & Deli has turned into a wide-open canvas for art students at the University of West Florida this summer.

During a brand new, seven-week mural course, eight students created visual expressions of what Pensacola means to them. The store’s exterior now features landmarks such as Pensacola’s Beach Ball water tower, the Blue Angels and Joe Patti’s Seafood Market, along with each student’s own stylized representation.

Although the class is technically complete, the students can still work on their pieces until the end of July as the inclement weather is delaying student work sessions.

University of West Florida students Whitney Hayek, left, and Kaylie Shultz paint murals on the exterior of the Shoreline Foods International Market & Deli in Pensacola on Thursday.

The course, led by UWF graduate student and associate professor Yvonne Christine LeBrun, all started with an email from Shoreline owner Maia Vatsolakis.

Vatsolakis credited the idea to her 16-year-old daughter, Luciana, who has a passion for art. Lucianna alerted her to the lack of public spaces for artists to freely design, prompting her to email LeBrun.

“It would be really cool if we could paint the store,” Vatsolakis recalled when her daughter told her.

LeBrun knew this idea was a class in the making.

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