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HGTV star Breegan Jane knows the value of a family-friendly outdoor space — after all, the interior designer and lifestyle expert is also a mom to two boys, ages 6 and 8. Do you maximize every available inch for entertainment, relaxation and just living ? She’s there, with a decorative throw pillow in hand.

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It’s one of the reasons the home design pro was keen to collaborate with Marshalls and TJMaxx on an outdoor home makeover earlier this summer – to show the rest of us non-pros out there how to jazz up an outdoor space, without spending a fortune. Here’s the perfectly working, but slightly ho-hum “before”:

Breegan Jane

And the wonderfully colorful “after”:

Breegan Jane

Jane spoke to SheKnows about her top outdoor living space design tips and her controversial family decorating tips (spoilers: we were shocked!). Continue reading…

SheKnows: What trends are you seeing in outdoor decor right now?

Breegan-Jane: This season is much more about bringing the inside out and bringing everything inside with seating arrangements that you would see in a typical living room – with the thought of catching up with friends and family.

From a color perspective, it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s very maximalist. It’s prints, it’s happy. But then there are also layers and textures that I see, in a way that we haven’t always seen out there. Everything was smooth and clean… now I see depth and fibers and natural materials and it goes back to that island-like shoreline [vibe] that I really enjoy.

SK: What’s your top tip for someone looking to spruce up their outdoor space without spending a fortune?

BJ: Pillow. It’s the easiest way to brighten up your space. It’s like mascara or blush. It just says, “Hello! We’re fresh and happy.” I also think it’s great to invest in some lighting if you can. you want to [your outdoor space] to go from day to night and there are so many solar options – those golden lights you see that I put up in my apartment, they’re all under $20 and they really change the mood and the ability [to use] this room. Because once you have outdoor lighting, you are more inclined to stay outside. The fire pit is a slightly larger investment but adds warmth and the ability to cozy up at night.

SK: How can someone who has no outdoor space bring this sense of casual outdoor entertainment and decoration atmosphere indoors?

BJ: Get as close to a window as possible and put a table and chairs underneath that have almost that outdoor quality. I’m a fan of using outdoor furniture in one because of the durability. When you make it into a cute little French bistro set, it almost feels like you’re in a coffee shop, you know? Then when you add greenery and planters, that little corner is like, “Oh, I’m sitting outside under the sun, okay?”

SK: Which furnishing trend are you currently looking forward to the most and which do you really like?

BJ: I’m most excited about the use of texture and color and that kind of woven natural fiber island vibe that we get in outdoor spaces. We get into this fun, bohemian mix that really just screams high-end vacations; this is very popular right now. We see a lot of burnt oranges and these amazing teals, and then we see all these textures… especially for the exterior, we had a moment where everything was very slick and, you know, just less livable space. And now we’re seeing layers and textures – we want it to be an extension of our living room.

SK: How does being a mother affect your design ethos?

BJ: Durability and function come first as I have two boys. And so I’ve always designed with function in mind. Baskets with lids are plentiful in my house. They hide any toys or projects the kids are working on, but they also add that designer layer and texture. I always go to TJ Maxx at Marshall’s for this. They’re also a great way to teach kids how to sort and organize things.

I’ve used a lot of melamine outdoors this season, partly because of the color but also because it’s unbreakable. When I add something fun to my house, I want it to make my life easier, more comfortable, and more livable too, and something as simple as fun, colorful mugs that don’t break just means I’m more comfortable.

SK: You mentioned baskets – any other decorating tips that you like or use in your own decorating practice for families with children?

BJ: Honestly, I keep a lot of my walls white because I can easily clean any stain. If they paint them, I don’t have to worry about matching paint color. I’ve been leaning in a lot of white inside, [even in] Kids rooms and people are always asking, ‘What are you doing?!’

It seems counterintuitive but I know when it’s clean it’s clean, you know? There’s a way to remove stains from white canvas fabric that’s easier than a cute yellow print, okay?

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