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Exhibition opening at ArtBarLA on July 23 with an ARTIST RECEPTION from 6-9 p.m featuring live pole dancing by a performer involved in the high-profile strike to unionize an LA strip club

MONEYGAME print sales benefit the SEX WORKERS OUTREACH PROJECT United States of Americaa social justice network dedicated to protecting the human rights of sex workers

LOS ANGELES, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Over a five-year period los Angeles-based visual arts photographer Elizabeth Wasserman spent her Saturday nights at clubs in five US citiesto take pictures and build a relationship strippers and exotic dancers. That Los Angeles Times wrote that Waterman “reimagines the lives of exotic dancers through a feminine gaze”. She photographed them climbing the pole, putting on glittery outfits and counting their dollars at the end of a long night out. Images from this foray were featured in her now-sold-out exhibition Photo book MONEYGAME (XYZ Books, 2021). MONEY GAME: THE SHOWthe very first exhibition of this portfolio will open at the LA venue ArtBarLA on Saturday 23rd July with an artist reception 6-9 p.m. There will be a live pole dance performance.

Carmel in the dressing room, Sin City Cabaret, Bronx, NY, 2017 (c) Elizabeth Waterman

Carmel in the dressing room, Sin City Cabaret, Bronx, NY, 2017 (c) Elizabeth Waterman

Aquarius says: “It took me months to get access to my first clubs and to get a foothold. Nobody really understood what I was doing there. But week after week I started to warm up. I showed them my work and they liked the way I saw it. They soon volunteered to pose on the pole. I know I’ve been changed by the experience. I borrowed some of their boldness.”

charmwho will perform at the opening, is actively involved in the current, high profile strike by a group of LA area dancers Pickets outside the Star Garden Topless Dive Bar North Hollywood, CA Your goal is to create them only union for strippers in the United States., and address safety concerns and working conditions. The pickets have attracted additional attention because of the elaborate costumes the strippers occasionally wear – Marie Antoinette for example in a broadcast of the French Revolution. The strike is now in its fourth month.

to see until 14.08, the exhibition presents photographs that were published in the book and others that have never been shown – both stage shots and reflective portraits. Shot primarily on 35mm and 120mm film, the selection includes footage from all the cities Waterman visited for the project: los Angeles, new York, Las Vegas, Miami, and New Orleans. The exhibition was curated by Yuri Collfounder of Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA). A very limited quantity of the MONEYGAME book will be available to collectors purchasing prints.

With a nuanced look and the kindred spirit A young artist building her own body of work, Waterman celebrates the human commitment of her subjects to master their art in the service of greater life purposes. Often, these women use the income from stripping as part of a considered strategy to pay off student loans, start a family, buy a home, or start a business.

In October, MONEYGAME shows up Londonn, Great Britain at BOOGIE WALL, and in 2023 the exhibition will open at the Howard Yezerski Gallery Boston, MA (23.6.-29.7.). Currently the online exhibition “Beautiful Drag”, featuring Waterman’s photographs depicting the New York drag scene – presented by Stephen Schmid and Albumen Gallery – is online: https://albumen-gallery.com/exhibitions/drag-queens/.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of MONEYGAME prints benefit the non-profit organization Sex Workers Outreach ProjectUnited States of Americaa national grassroots social justice network dedicated to the basic human rights of sex workers and their communities.

About the artist:

A continuous line los Angeles-based photographer Elizabeth Watermans Work is the representation of artists and performers of many genres and subcultures. Her style is cinematic, elegantly composed, steeped in directness and suggesting a story behind the image. Born in Taos, NM and drafted Chicago, Illinois, Waterman began her career while living in NYC. She has a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California.


In addition to exhibitions/events, there is a Performance State and Bar (21+ only), 12017 Venice Blvd., LA, CA 90066.



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Charm at Cheetahs, Hollywood, CA, 2019 - Charm is a participant in the strippers strike at the Star Garden in NoHo @stripperstrikenoho Photo (c) Elizabeth Waterman

Charm at Cheetahs, Hollywood, CA, 2019 – Charm is a participant in the strippers strike at the Star Garden in NoHo @stripperstrikenoho Photo (c) Elizabeth Waterman



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