Louisville artist Sebastian Duverge announces presence in the art scene – Courier Journal | Candle Made Easy

Sebastian Duverge was born an artist. Before helping fill galleries in his 20s, he created his first works as a 4-year-old freshman in Louisville.

“As much as I loved drawing and cutting the paper, I also enjoyed crumbled it into a ball,” said Duverge, now 28, last month. “My mom or dad would have to take it away from me or I would do that every time. My mom has an artwork I made with markers that is very abstract.”

He is a unique individual, say those around him – he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 in his hometown of Queens, New York. Duverge grew up with a talent for the arts and an affinity for the immigrant and Latino communities in his area that continues to inform his work today.

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