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Cannabis home decor has come a long way (not that there’s anything wrong with those vibes) since the days of Bob Marley posters and beaded curtains that many of us may remember from our youth.

These days, cannabis-themed homeware and design is often more subtle and nuanced—although there are certainly plenty of pieces that let the recessed pot lights shine on the gorgeous green stuff. Here are just a few of the ways you can infuse cannabis themes into your interior design.


Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add a little greenery to your space. Decorating an entire room with a cannabis-themed print might be a bit much, so a statement or accent wall adds just the right touch. Toronto-based wallcovering studio Fine & Dandy Co. offers what they call an O Cannada line – cannabis leaf-clad wallpaper for the botanical enthusiast in all of us.

Inspired by the iconic banana leaf wallpaper that adorns the halls of the Beverly Hills Hotel, O Cannada is a fresh, modern and playful take on the average botanical print. This wallpaper is available in both large and small prints and in five vibrant color combinations – Chronic, High Noon, Indica, Legalized and Sativa – and is the ultimate conversation piece.

Other retailers offering cannabis-themed wallpaper include Society6, WallShoppe, and even Etsy.

Coffee Table Books

If you err on the side of minimalism, decorate your space while educating yourself and your guests with a beautiful cannabis-themed coffee table book.

Bong appetite with recipe book
Whether you read them or not, these books look great. (Courtesy of Vice/Munchies)
  • Green: A field guide to marijuana features beautifully detailed photos of plants and buds, as well as a “Basics” section that explains plant anatomy, strains, and more.
  • Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed goes beyond your simple pot brownies and offers 65 “high” end recipes for sweet and savory dishes as well as cocktails.
  • Cannabis: Marijuana under the microscope is part art and part science. The 140 color images in this book start with germination and go through every aspect of the plant: from the stem to the leaf, the male flower, the female flower and the roots.
  • Award-winning photographer Spurs Broken takes a look at 200 different cannabis strains grown today beauty of cannabis. This book sheds light on the strands, leaves, and crystals of the world’s most controversial plant.
    Finally, that Stoner coffee table book specially designed for post-session reading, it features a selection of dozens of immersive, trippy, funny, meditative, and mind-blowing images that are sure to spark some interesting conversations.


Cannabis collectibles tell the story of prohibition, racism and legalization

Statement photographs/paintings

Adding an appealing piece of wall art to your living room, bedroom or bathroom is a great way to show your affinity for the green things in life. Whether it’s a painted canvas, a framed poster or even a mural, the choices are endless.

A close-up of a cannabis flower highlights the crystalline trichomes and offers a unique perspective. A framed botanical print is perfect for those who appreciate the science of the plant itself, as are cute educational posters. For those who are interested in the history of 420, there are some cool vintage style 420 propaganda prints that will provide a colorful way to decorate your space.

hemp bedding

Not only can you make a really cool fashion statement with hemp, but it is also very durable and sustainable. While hemp clothing has been widely available for a number of years, it’s also slowly making its way into home accents like bedding.

It’s become so popular that even mainstream retailers like Crate & Barrel have jumped into the game and been selling hemp plate kits. Additionally, there are companies that sell pillows in hemp sleeves with hemp filling and have even infused their fabrics with CBD (yes, really! Brands also infuse clothing.) You can even go Canna bed with a hemp mattress!

Man holding pillows infused with CBD
A pillow that releases CBD – why not? (Courtesy CBD Pillow)

If you are crafty and prefer to make your own cute grass themed sheets, pillows, curtains or the like, there are online retailers that make it easy for you by offering a choice of literally hundreds of prints.

As well as the bedroom and the fabrics themselves, there are hemp sofas, hemp chairs, hemp wood and floors, and even hemp picture frames to display those shots of your favorite tacky.

Fake potted plant

For those who want to literally show their love for the plant, there’s a hyper-realistic artificial cannabis plant – the potted plant that lets you add a little of Mary Jane’s influence to your home decor without the need for propagation. Depending on your space, you can choose from a variety of sizes, with the smallest starting at $25.

fake potted plant neon lights
If only growing weed was that easy. (courtesy potted plant)

Pot Plant co-founder Karina Farris told Leafly that she hopes one day consumers will see the Pot Plant as home decor, just like any home accessory like an artificial snake plant or fiddle fig, and the beauty it adds to one’s space .

accessories and more

Finally, if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind weed-inspired accessories and decor, Etsy has just about everything you can think of and then some. From storage boxes and sculptures to candles and wall clocks, there’s something for everyone, whether your style is bold or subtle.

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