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In keeping with their individual exhibitions, the Munich institutions Museum Brandhorst, Lenbachhaus and Haus der Kunst are organizing a long weekend with public programs from July 28th to 31st. techno body focuses on the impact of new technologies on the visual and acoustic arts. Starting from discourses rooted in the 1960s–70s, techno body examines the relationship of the human body to technology today. How does technology affect the hybridization of bodies? How do our bodies react to the physical movements of analog and digital sounds in space? Can we understand expanding media environments through an ecological lens? To what extent is human creativity influenced by an information landscape? Can we even draw boundaries between technology and the body? These and related questions will be dealt with over three days of lectures, talks, film screenings, performances and events.


daf collective, Dynamic Acoustic Research

Performances / Algorave

Lenbachhaus @ Red Sun
Thursday, July 28, 8 p.m

The “Red Sun” for a night full of sound experiments, DJ sets and live performances.

mouse on Mars, RDD – Robodynamic Diffusion

Friday, July 29, 7 p.m
Lenbach house

The audience moves freely through the art structure while a mobile robot loudspeaker sends sounds into the gallery. The custom-built speaker produces a tightly focused beam of sound that blends into the reverberant space. It feels like the sound is coming from invisible, moving sources throughout the room or in the walls, floor and ceiling as such. We rationally associate the sound source with the position of the robot, but its sound projections open up the possibility of filling the entire volume of space with sound.

Robodynamic Diffusion (RDD) is a project by Michael Akstaller, Nele Jäger, Oliver Mayer and Jan St. Werner, funded by the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and LEONARDO – Center for Creativity and Innovation Nuremberg.

Fujiko Nakaya: multiverse

Saturday, July 30, 10:30 a.m. – 6:45 p.m
House of Art

Fujiko Nakaya. fog life The survey exhibition concludes with a day-long symposium aimed at addressing, discussing and sharing her essential contribution to a renewed understanding of art history from a range of different perspectives. Nakaya’s exploratory and collaborative approach to art, technology and ecology has created a multiverse of ideas that today resonate with pressing questions about our interconnectedness with the environment. The symposium features screenings, presentations, and talks with international scholars, museum curators, and artists whose diverse contributions branch out into Nakaya’s multiverse, forging new connections to her networked thinking and visionary art practice.

Participants include Dieter Daniels, Ariana Dongus, Anne-Marie Duguet, Haden Guest, Go Hirasawa, Michelle Kuo, Philippe Rahm, Jenna Sutela, Hiroko Tasaka, Takuya Tsunoda, Helmut Völter, Catherine Wood, Mi You.

The symposium will be opened by the sculpture HMO Nutrix (2022) co-commissioned to the artist Jenna Sutela, who will also premiere her video work Milky Ways.

become technology
Artist talks and participatory interventions

Sunday, July 31, 12pm-10pm
Brandhorst Museum

On the occasion of the big surveying exhibition Future Bodies from a Recent Past – Sculpture, Technology and the Body since the 1950s, Museum Brandhorst hosts a series of artist talks and interventions that explore how bodies are perceived and redefined in digital space. The invited artists will explore the history of scientific research and address the possibilities, but also the pitfalls and disruptions of new technologies such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality, and share their insights and different perspectives on our state of “becoming technology”. Artist talks with Angela Stiegler and Shila Rastizadeh, Aleksandra Domanović and a talk between Stephanie Dinkins and Alex Estorick.

During the day the installation Motion sickness exercise (2022) by Angela Stiegler is open to visitor participation. The project is supported by LEONARDO – Center for Creativity and Innovation Nuremberg.

Exhibitions to see during techno body:

Brandhorst Museum

Future bodies from a more recent past: sculpture, technology and the body since the 1950s
June 2, 2022-15. January 2023

Lenbach house

Mouse on Mars: Spatial Jitter
Apr 9-18 Sep 2022

House of Art

Fujiko Nakaya. fog life
Apr 8-31 July 2022

Stupid guy
May 6–May 11 Sep 2022

Carsten Nicolai: transmitter / receiver
the machine and the gardener

June 3–21 Aug 2022

Tony Cokes: Fragments or Just Moments
June 9–23 October 2022

Jenna Sutela: HMO Nutrix
July 27–June 29 Aug 2022

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