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Written by Abraham Galvan on July 19, 2022


Visual artists tell the world about Miami

Working as a united front, Franklin Sirmans of Pérez Art Museum Miami says arts institutions are working together to spread the message that visual artists are here to stay.

Museums are working on the idea of ​​offering something specific to Miami and its immediate vicinity, but also for an international visitor community, Sirmans said.

“And that makes the difference for us worldwide,” he said. “People notice what we’re doing here.”

Miami has a truly massive ecosystem of local artists who share ideas and shine the spotlight on the city, Sirmans said. “Our artists tell so much to the world about an experience that is often Caribbean and an experience that is sometimes or often about an immigrant story or very specific to our region.”

Obviously, it doesn’t hurt that the arts community has also been paying a little attention to the engagement and reference points for digital art and the conversations about emerging technologies on NFTs, he added.

“If I were to keep it in the field of visual arts,” said Mr. Sirmans, “let me just say that I’m very excited about an artist named Jason Seife.”

Mr. Seife is a local artist who has experience working with painting and digital art, he said. “I think he’s really in tune with the times and making some incredibly intricate and really beautiful artwork.”

During a school field trip, Mr. Seife recalled visiting the Miami Art Museum, now PAMM, and said he would like to see his artwork at the museum one day. 20 years later he is now planning his first ever solo show in Miami next year at PAMM.

“I had this cool moment where I realized my dream was actually coming true,” Mr. Seife said.

In his latest work, Herr Seife refers to old Persian carpets, which are a prominent part of his childhood.

“I found them aesthetically pleasing because they reminded me of a poem, and in the process I actually started exploring the meaning behind them,” he said.

Mr. Seife said he traveled to Syria to better understand these rugs and to discover his father’s family lineage. “I was able to take some aspects of it home with me,” he said.

For his PAMM exhibition, Mr. Seife paints carpet design paintings inspired by the Middle East on old concrete.

“But before I start painting, I have a digital rendering of exactly what I’m going to do,” he said, “so it’s a very calculated, modern approach to creating these pieces that look timeless and unique.” “

Inspired by an art form that has been around for centuries, Mr. Seife said he uses media and color through digital applications that were unavailable during the work’s original adaptation.

First, he digitally draws and colors a quarter of the rug on his iPad so he can get an idea of ​​what the artwork would look like. He then uses this as a reference image to start painting on the canvas.

“There’s a lot of excitement around digital art,” he said. “It’s something I’ve fully embraced and brought to my practice as well.”

Newer generations have grown up in a digital world, and the way they express themselves is in that digital space, Mr. Seife said. In the next 20 years, he predicts, there will be an accumulation of digitally curated art exhibitions.

“This is not to say that museums or physical spaces will become obsolete. Absolutely not,” he added. “But I think there’s going to be that kind of parallel space. be it a painting or something digital. Both versions can be as much as creating a painting that has a digital counterpart.”

That doesn’t mean one replaces the other, but they do work together, Mr. Seife said.

“It takes digital aspects that just facilitate or just reproduce your work,” he said, “and use it to reach a level in my images that I couldn’t just create by hand or totally freehand.”

With an NFT tied to a physical painting, collectors or visitors can see provenance, when it was created and who owns it, along with artists’ royalties, Mr. Seife said, “which we’ve never seen before in the art world.” “

“Miami is at the forefront of not only different cultures and different arts, but now crypto as well,” he continued. “It was a tremendous technological advancement for the art spectrum.”

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