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SOUTH BEND ― Wheelchair art is a tradition at Camp Millhouse, a camp for people with disabilities in the south west of the city, off Kern Road and Indiana 23.

Wednesday was camper Ben Adelman’s first painting, but with the help of camp supervisors, he quickly picked it up and created a masterpiece.

With a variety of accessories and equipment — including paint rollers, both designed to be held and attached to wheelchairs, and flat-bottomed pogo sticks — any camper, regardless of ability, can participate in the wheelchair art activity.

New to the camp this year is a therapy component of programming, made possible by new camp staff who specialize in areas such as art and music therapy.

Camp Millhouse hosted its Wheelchair Painting Event on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

Ashley Thompson, a recent grad from Union University, traveled all the way from Memphis, Tennessee, to serve as the camp’s artistic director for the summer. As Art Director, she organizes much of the arts programs to ensure they are accessible to all campers.

“Campers can choose the colors and the look,” Thompson said of the wheelchair art. “Of course, modifications are made, but in the end everyone can participate.”

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