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Editor’s note: The following is one of the Roundtable’s many educational explorations into Evanston City Government and how things work. Call it Evanston Arts Council 101.

The Evanston Arts Council is a civic committee that promotes the arts in Evanston. It consists of 12 people appointed by the mayor with the advice and approval of the city council. The Arts Council reports to the Human Services Committee, which is made up of five city council members, who in turn report to the larger city council — a bureaucratic hierarchy that actually works.

One member of the Arts Council must be an Evanston resident or employed in Evanston. The term of office is three years, with a maximum of two terms. The council meets monthly at the Civic Center, but during the pandemic meetings have been held on Zoom, which has proved efficient but not nearly as fun.

Evanston Arts Council Zoom meeting, July 12. In order from top left to bottom right: Toby Sachs (Chairman), Gay Riseborough (Roundtable Reporter), Rosie Roche (Cultural Arts Coordinator), Angela Williams, BJ Jones, Melissa Blount (guest, speaks), Krista Fabian DeCastro, Chantal Healey, Piloto Nieves, Renee Stone (guest), Tasheik Kerr (off screen but Assistant City Manager & City Staff to Arts Council), Melissa Raman Molitor. 7 members have a quorum. Out: Maasai Amewa (Vice Chair), Lisa Corrin, James Deeb, Taichi Fukumura, Indira Freitas Johnson. Recognition: Gay Riseborough

The council met virtually this July but traditionally canceled its August meeting. “Most members would like to be able to attend in person again, but there’s an unconventional rule that at a hybrid meeting, only those in the room count for quorum – so hybrid isn’t a good option for us,” said Toby Sachs, current chair.

Zoom details are always posted with the council agenda on its city website.

Current and past agendas, minutes and information packages on agenda items from five years are also published there.

What funds are there?

The Arts Council has an annual budget of $50,000 from the General Fund for grants and programmatic expenses. The Public Art Working Group has its own budget of $30,000, drawn from general operating bonds for construction. Sometimes this budget fluctuates because it depends on capital improvement projects.

From the Arts Council’s $50,000 budget:

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