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Back to school is almost here and students will soon be on a mission to collect all the items on their school supply lists.

Now is the time for retailers to build up their inventories so they are ready for back to school.

Without further ado, let’s review our top picks for Compulsory articles for the start of school in 2022.

1. Backpacks

Backpacks are a back to school must have so this is a must have item on your shelves.

Since each student has different preferences and needs, it’s a good idea to offer backpacks in different styles and colors. This makes it easy and convenient for parents of multiple students as it helps them find an option in one store that works for all of their children.

2. Lunch boxes

Stock up on lunch boxes so your customers have everything they need to pack their students’ school lunches.

Reusable containers, ice packs and small thermoses are also very important for those preparing for back to school.

Back to school 2022

3. Pencils

Although many schools are switching to digital methods for tests and other types of schoolwork, pencils are still essential in some situations. Stock up on pencils of different colors and styles, such as B. the standard #2 pencils and mechanical pencils.

If you’re selling #2 pencils, it’s also a good idea to sell sharpeners and erasers.

Back to school 2022

4. Pens

Like pencils, ballpoint pens still have their place in many classrooms despite the digitization push in education.

Some back-to-school lists specifically call for gel pens, ballpoint pens, or another variety. Stock up on a variety of pens so your customers can erase their shopping lists.

5. Art Supplies

Elementary schools typically require students to have their own art supplies for classroom projects. This includes construction paper, crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Glue sticks and popsicle sticks are some other popular necessities.

As some schools and teachers invest in art supplies for their classrooms, you may want to stock up on larger packs of these items as well.

6. Folder

Folders are another back-to-school essential that retailers should stock up on before the start of the school year. They are used for students of all levels, from elementary school through college.

There are a few types of folders you can add to your inventory, including manila folders and colored folders with pockets.

Back to school 2022

7. Notebooks

Even when technology is allowed in the classroom, many students are still better off using physical notebooks to take notes during class.

Depending on your audience, you can stock up on college notebooks, broad-lined notebooks, or composition books. Having multiple styles of notebooks in stock allows your buyers to choose what works best for them.

8. School clothes

Many schools have uniforms, so school clothes and shoes that conform to the dress code are must-haves for any clothing retailer.

This could include solid color collared shirts and black, khaki, or navy blue shorts and pants. As for shoes, this could include any type of shoes in similar solid colors.

9. Planner

Planners are a great tool for students of all levels as they help children develop organizational skills and time management. Stock up on calendars and planners geared towards students for this back to school season.

10. Rulers

Stock up on rulers for the upcoming school year. When searching for rules, look specifically for metric or imperial rules to make the tool suitable for students in your area.

Compasses and protractors are must-have items for retailers selling to high school and university students.

11. Safety scissors

Many teachers require students to have safety scissors on their back to school list. Because clipping activities are popular for fine motor skills and sensory development, it’s important for vendors who serve parents of preschoolers and elementary school students to stock up on safety scissors.

12. Flashcards

Flashcards are useful tools for students of all levels. They can be used as flashcards for memorization, study, study and more.

It’s a good idea to keep a stock of index cards of different sizes and colors to accommodate customers with different needs.

Back to school 2022

13. Loose leaf

Loose sheets are required on many back-to-school lists, especially in middle school and high school.

Just like notebooks, there are loose-leaf broad-lined and collegiate-lined. Some manufacturers also offer colored loose-leaf sheets. Stock up on a variety of loose-leaf products to meet the needs of a variety of students.

Source on Alibaba.com

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