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The UK’s only vintage poster market returns as a 3 day pop-up at the Copeland Gallery in London from 23rd to 25th September 2022. Bring your walls to life with this soulful art medium. Admission is £2, accompanied under 16s are free, four-legged friends (dogs) are welcome.

The event was created by Project 26’s Harriet + Sylwia in May 2021 as the UK emerged from its final lockdown. With retail allowed to open but exhibitions still suspended, the opportunity arose to rent The Copeland Gallery. They came up with the idea of ​​bringing together other vintage poster dealers in a celebration of this unsung art medium. With 2000 visitors coming to visit over 3 days they were overwhelmed by the response. And so the biennial event Projekt Mkt was born!

For anyone who loves mid-century pop culture, interiors, art and graphic design, this is it the affordable and sustainable art fair not to be missed.

Projekt Mkt offers a rare opportunity to shop thousands of original vintage posters from the UK’s leading stockists under one roof.

The curated event brings together ten leading independent vintage poster dealers – each with their own specialty and collection – in a charming industrial gallery in the heart of Peckham, south London.

The interconnected gallery spaces are transformed into an art hunter’s paradise; with tables, shelves and walls covered in eye-catching 20th-century prints.

Find iconic pop, rock and film classics alongside Soviet-era communist posters, quirky French factory health and safety posters and the cheeky wit of the Polish poster school.

With prices ranging from £10 for a lovingly curated vintage treasure to £1000+ for iconic and rare collectibles, there is something for every budget.

“Why spend on mass-produced wall art when you could spend (less) on a rare original poster with retro charm, graphic impact and intrinsic value.”

Caitlin Graham, Rock Paper Film

All posters are authentic originals, giving them a unique character and appeal. Digital printing just can’t match the charming imperfection of offset lithography on beautiful matte paper with its rich, vibrant colors. Even the shortcomings of the posters speak to the stories they tell.

“An art print brightens up a worn space and makes a soulless rental apartment feel like home.”

The evening standard

Confirmed exhibitors:

Chaleureuse | French vintage ephemera

Chaleureuse is managed by Annie Sparks and specializes in vintage French graphics including vintage advertising posters, educational posters, ephemera and maps. She stocks a wonderful selection of bright and cheerfully illustrated French health and safety posters designed for factory use.


Cool Walls | Movie and music posters

Cool Walls is run by two buddies – Bafta-winning TV director Adam Kaleta and Christian Stevenson (aka DJ BBQ). Both film, music and skate fanatics, the two offer a fun and accessible selection of vintage posters for films, music posters and other “cool stuff”. If you love it, sell it.

Website | Instagram | DJ BBQ Instagram

Jeremy Monahan | Soviet-era posters

A most charming mid-century poster collector with a passion for Soviet-era posters. “In addition to the Russian posters, I also collected Czech, Yugoslav, Hungarian, Polish, US and British posters from the same period, but I find the posters from the post-Stalinist Khrushchev period (1953-1964) the most beautiful. mandatory”.


Kiki Werth | 1900s-1970s including railroads, travel, product advertising + politics

Kiki started trading mainly French Art Nouveau posters in the 1970s. After purchasing a huge collection of British railway posters (dating from the 1920s to the 1950s), Kiki’s focus shifted to British posters including the Railway, Underground and Empire Marketing Board. She has been a regular exhibitor at the US Poster Fair, the Vieux Papers Fair in Paris and London fairs such as Works on Paper. She can now be found at occasional London fairs including the Ephemera Society Fair and the Etc. Book & Ephemera Fairs. Kiki’s current collection spans the years 1900 to 1970. She has a passion for acquiring entire collections and pieces as she sees them.

Website | Instagram

Nick Reed Movie Posters | 60’s & 70’s Psychedelics

Dive into the Swinging Sixties with Nick Reed; an avid film buff with a fondness for beautifully psychedelic poster art of the 1960s and 1970s. His eclectic collection also includes posters about music, festivals and fashion. “I started collecting and selling posters about 15 years ago. I trained as a graphic designer and worked as a cartoonist and illustrator in the 1980s + 90s, so the design element of my posters is very relevant – great graphics and typography are important & I try to name check all designers, illustrators and photographers involved. Lately I’ve been focusing on “psychedelic” posters from the late 1960’s and early 70’s, so I’ve got some great music related stuff from here & the USA” .


Orson and Welles | Mid-century movie posters (iconic and rare)

Surprisingly, none of the co-founders are named Orson or Welles, but are actually married couple Robin and Rachel Yacoubian. Robin is a self-confessed film geek and has been collecting movie posters for over 25 years, Rachel is just as passionate about interior design. Together they strive to offer the best movie posters from the farthest corners of the world. They present a finely curated, design-driven collection that highlights the most creative artworks for popular titles and rare, hard-to-find classics. As well as selling posters from their own collection, they work with collectors, real estate developers and interior designers to find the perfect posters for every purpose and budget, be it big, bold and beautiful or classic, cool and contemporary.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Project 26 | Vintage Polish Posters (1950s-1980s)

Projekt 26 is run by Projekt Mkt’s founders, Harriet and Sylwia, a British-Polish duo. This is the only poster shop in the UK dedicated to the Polish Poster School – a highly influential and unique graphic design movement from the post-war period when Poland was under communist rule. Expect highly original, bold, colorful designs full of soul and meaning from Poland’s finest artists of the 20th century. Along with a selection of vintage Polish art, fashion and design magazines by the same artists and limited edition reprints of some of the rarest and most popular designs, printed in Poland with full permission of the artists and their families.

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook

Stone Paper Foil | Music and Movie Posters (Investment Pieces)

Run by Caitlin Graham, a leading expert in vintage posters and entertainment memorabilia, with decades of experience in international auction houses. Rock Paper Film specializes in film and music posters from the 1920s to the 1980s and offers a carefully curated collection of quality investment properties featuring the most iconic titles and outstanding design examples. This will be the first time Rock Paper Film’s stunning collection will be available in person.

Website | Instagram

Traveling on Paper | Travel and Sport Posters

Led by Karen Lansdown – Travel on Paper has been dealing in original vintage travel posters for over 20 years. In her Camberwell studio, Karen has an extensive and beautifully curated range of mid-century airline, railway, bus, Olympic Games and sailing ship posters. Prices are affordable for collectors just starting out and there are also specialty pieces for those looking to complement an established collection.

Website | Instagram

Prints of the twentieth century | art posters

Run by Geoffrey Powell, who collects and sells mid-century art-themed posters – those promoting shows and exhibitions – mainly from the many galleries of the South of France. He says: “There was still an innocence, the poster wasn’t copied and sold as an item, it was just a way of saying what was being shown and where it was being shown! I prefer posters that “have lived a lifetime” – I like the idea of ​​the poster being begged, loaned, or stolen by someone who admires the work featured but can’t afford the artist featured’s original work. I like the scotch tape marks, thumbtack holes – the odd coffee stain… I tend to do minimal work on the poster, just preserving it… and frames to show the work, warts and all.”

Website | Instagram


FRMD | Bespoke framers

The wonderful Clapton based framer FRMD will be joining us again to offer a bespoke framing service and a range of ready made frames.

Website | Instagram

Why buy a vintage poster?

A vintage poster has a timeless appeal and is fun to look at. Vintage art is a wonderful way to add instant personality and style to a home. And when you move, your art moves with you.

“You can associate with a time, a product, a place, an artist, a style, or it can work with your home’s color scheme.”

Kirill Kalinin, founder of Antikbar Original Vintage Posters

Vintage posters have the magical ability to connect with us on a personal level.

Aside from the immediate impact of the graphic, there are so many other elements to relate to. Whether you discover a poster of your favorite movie, actor, band or location, or that it’s from an artist you love, it’s always possible to find a vintage poster that means something special to you .

Because vintage posters were printed in strict editions for exhibition purposes, the originals do not survive in large numbers. What is still in circulation was lovingly saved along the way. This means that some designs are now very rare and collectible. So not only will a vintage poster brighten up your wall, it could also be a great investment.

But as any good poster dealer will tell you, when it comes to choosing the right poster, it’s always best to just follow your heart 🙂

additional information

Address: Copeland Gallery, Unit 91, Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Road, Peckham, London SE15 3SN

Opening hours:

  • Friday, May 14 – 3-8 p.m
  • Saturday May 15 – 10am-6pm
  • Sunday, May 16 – 10am-5pm

Next train: Peckham Rye

Refreshments are available at the Social Bar next to the gallery.

Buy tickets: Eventbrite | Project Mkt Website | Project Mkt Facebook event page

[Free press tickets available – just drop us a line with your details]


High resolution images are available here or contact us directly if you would like more images, a quote or information.

Press release from the organizers:

Harriet Williams + Sylwia Newman

project 26

Original Polish vintage posters

07957 784491 | 07768 061908 | Instagram @projekt_26 | Twitter @26project |

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