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To support local nonprofit arts organizations and the communities they serve, the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture has announced $4,518,000 in grants Organizational Grant Program. The awards offer two-year grants to 227 organizations, including ESCAPE Theater and the Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival.

OGP is Los Angeles County’s longest-running arts grant program, providing funding to the diverse ecosystem of nonprofit arts organizations ranging in size, budget, and discipline—from arts education to theater, music, and dance to the visual, media, and literary arts . This cycle’s grantees are based and provide services across the county, and many have deep and culturally rooted ties to their communities.

The program also addresses systemic inequality in arts funding. Over 80% of grantees have budgets under $1 million. Often chronically underfunded, these small and micro-budget organizations include those that reflect and serve black, historically marginalized, and rural communities. (Explore a full list of grant recipients)

Awards this year range from $900 to $112,000 depending on the needs and size of the organization. Funds can be used to support any number of current critical needs, from human and organizational infrastructure to public access programs. OGP grantees can also access the Department of Arts and Culture’s list of career development opportunities – programs developed in-house, as well as grants for training and conferences.

“The Organizational Grant Program has supported Los Angeles County’s nonprofit arts organizations since the 1990’s, and today the nonprofit sector that OGP helped build is a critical part of Los Angeles County’s larger arts and culture infrastructure and creative industries,” he said Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Holly J. Mitchell. “These grants provide short-term support to our arts organizations at a very challenging time. But they also have a long-term impact, strengthening our arts and culture ecosystem which, when resilient and inclusive, provides resources for underreached communities and direct access to quality arts activities and programs.”

“We know that arts and cultural resources have a positive impact on health and well-being, economic opportunity, neighborhood resilience, civic engagement and youth development. Investing in the arts is an investment in our communities, and the Organizational Grants Program is an important delivery mechanism for these high-return investments — which will become even more important as the arts sector works toward a recovery from the pandemic and a more equitable and sustainable future,” said Kristin Sakoda, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture. “In addition to a range of arts disciplines and cultural venues, regions and budget sizes, our OGP grantees represent, reflect on and steward the diverse artists, art forms, cultural heritage and perspectives of LA County. I am also pleased that 14% of the scholarship holders are first-time scholarship holders! The effectiveness of the program in increasing cultural equity and inclusion cannot be underestimated.”

“What I’m most proud of is OGP’s fair reach. It supports hundreds of organizations across the country — from small-budget grassroots organizations with annual operating budgets of less than $20,000 to large cultural institutions and everyone in between,” he said Eric Eisenberg, President of the Arts Commission, the artistic advisory body of the Board of Directors. “Grantees have offices or community and cultural spaces in LA County’s 88 cities and in all five custodial counties. With an offer like this, we can increase the vitality of the entire local art landscape.”

Testimonials from OGP scholarship holders
“We are incredibly grateful for the LA County Department of Arts and Culture’s support of our poetry workshops and youth outreach programs in the schools and on the streets of Los Angeles, especially now during this dynamic period of transformation as we seek a location for our future Street Poets Center ensures community, culture & wellness and puts down more lasting roots here in the city where we have been operating for the past 25 years.”
Chris Henrikson, Founder and CEO of Street Poets

“This grant will provide free online expressive arts sessions and grants for training programs. At this time of escalating need, our healing-focused program is critical to underserved communities, students and professionals living and working throughout Los Angeles County.”
Ping Ho, MA, MPH, Founder and Director, UCLArts & Healing

“The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture Organizational Grant Program enables us to create virtual and in-person public programs that inspire, educate, and help advance the understanding and appreciation of America’s racial and cultural diversity by empowering share the Japanese-American experience. This grant helps the public stay connected to the broader Japanese-American experience and supports our mission. Through our Natsumatsuri and Oshogatsu family celebrations, as well as workshops that delve deep into our exhibits and community partnerships, we empower the public to share the hard-won lessons of this story to create a fairer America and a better world.”
Ann Burroughs, President and CEO, National Museum of Japan-American

“The last two years have taught us that we can only master future crises together. This is a crucial time to support nonprofits and the community networks they build, nurture, and nurture. The Organizational Grant Program will support the work of The GR818ERS, a collective of artists, athletes and activists who use their knowledge and expertise to empower youth and strengthen communities. Our headquarters, UNITE Cultural Center, will serve as a cultural hub to house program efforts including after-school programs, workshops, community events and an internship program aimed at building the creative workforce. With the support of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, AWOKE aims to uphold the nurturing social ecosystem based on culture, creativity and service that has been nurtured through the program’s efforts.”
Pierre Ivan Arreola, CEO of AWOKE and co-founder of The GR818ERS

“The Museum of Latin American Art is honored to receive financial support from the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture for its continued support of MOLAA’s cultural and educational programs. Our responsibility to represent and provide a safe space for our entire cultural complexities to be shared, understood and appreciated by a broader public is essential to uphold our institutional mission and the greater benefit of our community.”
Lourdes I. Ramos, Ph.D., President and CEO, Museum of Latin American Art

“Thank you to the LA County Department of Arts and Culture for supporting Film Independent. This grant will help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of our artist development programs, all of which began with the Project Involve programs’ commitment to support aspiring filmmakers from communities underrepresented in film. We are so grateful to LA County for their years of support in our ongoing fight to build a more inclusive and equitable industry.”
Kate Walker D’Angelo, Senior Director of Development, Film Independent

OGP background and review process
Since 1947, the Department of Arts and Culture (formerly the LA County Arts Commission) has provided funding to LA County arts organizations to expand community access to the arts. The OGP program is now the flagship public grant program for organizations in the region. In addition to direct funding, OGP grantees receive professional development and training opportunities ranging from workshops on cultural and racial equality to grant letters and human resources. Of the 227 2022-23 OGP grantees, based in 37 of the county’s 88 municipalities, 14% are receiving this grant for the first time.

Applications for the OGP program were reviewed and evaluated by 75 diverse experts from the Los Angeles area’s strong community of creators, artists, curators, nonprofit arts administrators, arts patrons, and arts educators. The awards recommendations were reviewed by the Arts Commission, the arts advisory body serving the Board of Supervisors, and then approved by the Board.

About the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
The mission of the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture is to advance the arts, culture, and creativity throughout Los Angeles County. It provides leadership, services, and support in areas such as grants and technical assistance to nonprofits, statewide arts education initiatives, commissioning and maintenance of city art collections, research and assessment, access to creative career paths, professional development, free community programs, and cross-industry creative strategies that transform deal with civil society issues. For more information visit

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