Vickers Theater in Three Oaks is for sale. The owner hopes it stays a theatre. – South Bend Grandstand | Candle Made Easy

THREE OAKS – The Vickers Theatre, which for 26 years has developed a niche for showing independent films and arts in the heart of Harbor Country, went up for sale just over a month ago.

But though it still shows movies and has no plans to close, sole owner Judy Scully said she hopes the next owner will continue that tradition — and make more of it.

Aged 81 and in her 13th year as an owner, she said Thursday she likes the job but is willing to hand down the day-to-day chores.

“I think it needs new eyes,” she said. “The Vickers was meant to be more than movies. We did (other entertainment) but not regularly.”

Five things to do:Summertime Blues: Roots music festivals, an art exhibition and musicals, among other things

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