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Many vacationers are on their way this week to start the summer break.

But chaos at Dover meant British holidaymakers had to wait up to 30 hours to board ferries yesterday on one of the busiest summer holiday days in almost a decade.

The delays are reportedly due to some French border control officers not showing up on time yesterday, causing huge delays for families and truck drivers trying to cross the border into Europe.

The port yesterday declared a “critical incident” over the delays and urged tourists to stay away as fears could be worse today as it has to deal with the backlog.

However, many are still expected to attempt their journey, meaning many people, a large proportion of whom will be traveling with their children, could be trapped in their vehicles for hours.

Here, FEMAIL reveals 10 of the best ways to keep yourself and your kids entertained while you’re stuck in your car for hours.

Traveling to your holiday destination can get choppy at the best of times, but with major delays expected at Dover today, tempers could flare while trapped in the car (stock photo)

1. Bring painting supplies for both children and adults

Lots of kids love to be creative, and when your vehicle is stationary, some artistic activities could keep the little ones entertained for quite a while.

Some of the easiest (and neatest) items to pack in your activity packs include crayons, paper, crayons, and stickers.

In the meantime, it’s best to avoid particularly messy options, especially glitter and permanent markers.

And if the art supplies keep the kids quiet, you could even treat yourself to a little coloring.

Adult coloring books are designed to relax the mind and provide a meditative experience as the brain focuses on the activity at hand.

So not only will this pass the time, it might help calm tense nerves and ease some of the stress of travel chaos.

2. Listen to audio books

For many children, listening to popular stories is not only entertaining but also relaxing.

To take the pressure off parents (who are too ill to read anyway), getting audiobooks can be the best option.

Listening to a captivating narrator read one of their favorite stories will not only keep kids entertained but will also take some of the stress out of their journey and hopefully calm any queasy mood.

Just make sure there’s something for all the relevant age groups so everyone can hear something they enjoy.

3. Use electronic devices for games and activities (at low volume)

Though many parents like to keep track of their kids’ screen time, sometimes playing a game on iPad is the best option.

There are many games that will keep kids entertained for hours, some of which are purely recreational, but many have an educational element as well.

While iPads can be connected to the car speakers, the volume should be kept low or turned off to optimize the travel experience for all passengers.

Keep in mind that arguments might break out over who has the device, and make sure everyone has their turn when playing.

4. The game of silence

When all else fails and everyone is at the end of their tether, the silent game is a popular old-timer venture for many stressed-out parents.

This task turns silence into a competition: no kit or equipment is required, just challenge everyone in the vehicle to stop talking for as long as possible.

The winner is whoever breaks his silence last.

Make sure you have small toys or maybe candy as prizes, which means players have an incentive to be victorious – and stay as calm as possible for as long as possible.

5. Kick back with a movie

Another time-tested favorite when it comes to entertaining young minds is movies.

While some cars come with small screens for your viewing pleasure, those that don’t have them can take a portable DVD player with them.

Alternatively, phones, iPads, and other electronic devices with a screen may be suitable.

With an average runtime of over an hour, sticking on something the kids enjoy watching could give parents a brief respite from delays.

6. Write a holiday diary

If you have paper and pens handy, being caught in a traffic jam might be the perfect time to get everyone logging their vacation.

Youngsters enjoy keeping records of their travels, and getting started by writing and sketching about the trip could be a great distraction.

You could try giving them questions and prompts to fill out so they have some direction to experiment with.

For example, you can write about what they packed for the trip, what they know about where they’re going, and some of the things they’re looking forward to.

7. The classic sing-along

For a slightly louder activity, you could play some family favorites from the radio and get everyone to join in.

If you have playlists or perhaps albums of your favorite movies, you may be able to avoid listening to current favorites repeatedly for hours.

Singing can be more than just a pastime — it can relieve stress and even release happy endorphins.

With nerves likely to be on edge and an all-time high after awkward hours in a hot car, anything that can lift everyone’s spirits is worth trying.

8. Try a guided meditation

If everyone in the car is getting cranky and impatient, a mindfulness exercise can help.

While there is evidence that meditation can have a variety of positive effects, it’s worth noting that some researchers suggest that a small number of people may experience some negative effects, including anxiety.

However, these effects are most likely to be felt by people who have intense experiences at retreats.

Listening to guided meditations designed specifically for children (these can be found online) can help anyone focus and take their attention away from arguments or grumbling.

It could also create a more peaceful ambiance in the vehicle, which in turn promotes calm.

9. Play travel board games

A fun in-car activity for older children and adults is playing stationary travel board games.

Lost of Favorites, including Chess and Scrabble, come in miniature versions suitable for playing on the go.

Games that can cause contention (such as Monopoly) are perhaps best avoided when there are long delays.

While unsuitable for very young children as it is not age appropriate and contains small parts, others can break the monotony of long delays with a good board game.

10. Eat a snack

If all else fails and you reach a critical point, you can try to distract everyone in the car with something tasty to eat or drink.

You can pack a number of healthy (and not-so-healthy) treats for on-the-go that could serve as a distraction when all else fails.

Try to make sure there’s something everyone enjoys and make sure you have enough of everything so there’s no fighting to enjoy the treats.

Favorites include granola bars, oatcakes, and grapes. You can also wrap sweets (individually wrapped might be best to make sure you don’t end up with a sticky mess).

After something tasty and a little saccharine boost, spirits may be restored enough to return to one of the other suggested activities.

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