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FITCHBURG — Bill diMario has been brewing beer since 1986, making lots of home brews and giving lots of beer away.

He was interested in frequent brewing and as many different styles as possible.

When he and his wife, Kate Roarty, decided to pursue their vision of opening a taproom/brewery, they began seeking advice from as many local breweries as possible.

“The folks at Bullspit Brewing, Timberyard Brewing, Craft Roots Brewing, Moon Hill Brewing, Sterling Street and River Styx Brewery have been very helpful and will continue to be,” he said. “And that led us to opening our new store.”

After a long high-tech career and feeling like a working robot brewing beer on the weekends, diMario decided to open Thirsty Robot Brewing Co. on August 27, tucked away on the back corner of 265 Summer St.

But don’t let its remote location fool you, as when you find it you’ll stumble upon something unique – a light and airy taproom, a lovely terrace, a selection of craft beers, and delicious food.

“We have two large roller doors, one of which opens to our patio with Adirondack chairs and rustic tables surrounded by an array of flowers and greenery,” diMario said. “For food, we’re offering Eastern-standard jaju pierogi and pretzels along with hot dogs, sausage, our own craft pizza, and we have a few surprises in the future.”

And diMario isn’t ashamed to say he thinks about beer almost all the time, “either beer that I’ve had in the past that made it so memorable, or beer that’s brewing, or the beer.” , which we have on tap.”

Add to that how fortunate they are to have so many patrons who are very knowledgeable about beer.

“Many are also hobby brewers. So when you get feedback on a beer or comments on future beers to be brewed, it’s coming from an informed perspective, which I take seriously,” said diMario. “If you’re asking people for their hard-earned money for your beer, it better be the highest quality possible. We take that very seriously… and have fun doing it.”

The couple also knew they wanted a mural on their wall and decided it had to have enough detail to wow people.

“We searched for a muralist with little success until we crossed paths with Jon Allen, an established local muralist and resident,” diMario said. “We were glad he agreed to paint our spaces and we look forward to him working more for us with can art, merchandise and more wall art.”

In addition to the authentic atmosphere, great craft beer and food, Thirsty Robot Brewing Co. also offers events like live music every Saturday, the occasional Friday or Sunday.

“We also do a Trivia Night on Thursdays, which has been a huge hit,” diMario said. “We often have food trucks in addition to our dining offerings, host fundraisers, comedy nights and are in the middle of a Wednesday talk series highlighting the history of Fitchburg.”

The Thirsty Robot is hosting a Sip & Shop event on Saturday, July 30 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Featuring artisans from The Moon and Sea Coffee Co., The Blank Space Collection, Hurley’s Apiary, Kim’s Creative Stampede as well as Nick and Abby will be attending jewelry, just to name a few.

They are also planning a fun anniversary celebration to take place over the weekend of August 27th, and diMario believes hosting such events promises a bright future.

“Running a business is a challenge every day, that’s why I wanted to do it in the first place,” diMario said. “It is gratifying to see the business growing organically and we are grateful for the immense support we are receiving from our patrons.”

Seeing familiar faces each week and listening to thoughtful feedback, diMario and his wife, who they love, say “we spend our off-peak times doing it, but we know we need the busy times to keep our business going.”

And with so many breweries in the area, diMario believes each brewery wants to create a unique atmosphere.

“For us, it’s a bit quirky and beautiful, along with great service and a wide range of well-brewed beers,” he said. “But ultimately, the taproom is nothing without happy patrons enjoying conversation, conversation and relaxation with friends – and a pint.”

And for the million dollar question, what’s DiMario’s favorite beer?

“The beers I brew are like children,” he said. “You can’t really have a favourite.”

For more information about the Thirsty Robot, visit, Facebook and Instagram.

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