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belinda ridgewood I posted 4 projects last week because the first 3 were done so quickly! This one has a triple match so we should be able to get him across the finish line before the late August deadline.


Project: Tech-savvy in pre-K country

Resources: Help me teach my students hands-on science and reading activities in a 21st century world in Alive 3D style.

Economic necessity: A Equity Focus School; nall students from low-income households at an early stage.

Location: AG Hilliard Elementary School, Houston, Texas

In total: $684.84 (3x Appropriate means)

Still needed: $279.84 $147.13 ($50 from us)

Meeting: August 29, 2022

Project description by Ms. Searles:

Reading can be fun and engaging for young learners, but what better way than to bring a 3D learning style into a classroom.

3D animals appearing on screen will create literacy and science learners while teaching young learners to use technology for learning, not just entertainment.

This interactive learning tool allows my students to take photos, practice letters and sounds, and create online journals to support reading by scanning a barcode. What better way to start a learning journey than using tools that adults use every day. Please help my young learners use technology to expand their learning.

Donations of any size can make a big difference!

Finally, here is our long term project. Almost half of the funds requested will buy goggles for a never-before-funded science classroom that doesn’t have any (aaagh!), and the remaining funds will buy things like geography books and an Earth model.


Project: Just a few scientists with no resources… Safety first? … Oh man

Resources: Help me provide my students with the necessary safety equipment and resources needed in a lab to increase student productivity and encourage higher quality thinking in the classroom on a daily basis.

Economic necessity: A Equity Focus School; nall students from low-income households at an early stage.

Location: Mundy’s Mill Middle School, Jonesboro, Georgia

In total: $412.12

Still needed: $412.12 $383.59

Project description from Ms. Montag:

The first year is coming to an end and the next year is just around the corner. I want to offer my students the fastest, STEAM-focused, mind-stimulating version of my Earth Science curriculum. I found in my freshman year that I was missing tons of necessary safety materials and resources. How can we conduct labs? WITHOUT goggles! Some requested materials and resources are basic and others are related to Earth Sciences.

The purpose of this project gives me the resources I need to provide stimulating instruction on a daily basis and meet the needs of all my kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners.

Donations of any size can make a big difference!

DonorsChoose came up with the name Schools with a focus on justice to describe some Schools submitting projects. she meet two criteria: at least 50% of students are Black, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islanders, or mixed-race students, and at least 50% of students are eligible for a free or reduced lunch, the school’s standard measure of economic needs. You can read more about their efforts to address long-standing inequality in education at the link.

With a lot of support from TIP readers, 3 projects were completed last week! Here are the thank you notes from the teachers:

Thank you letters from students who have been helped by DonorsChoose donors

STEM on a roll!

Thank you all! Everyone helped fund my project for my students. This is the perfect way to start the new school year. My students will be so excited when they return in August. Because of your general helpful donation, our STEM on a Roll will start and grow into the future.

With best thanks,
Mrs Angela Williams

Project-based 2nd grade STEAMers

Thank you for your help in providing science resources to my Title I students. This is a good start for our project-based learning experience. I’m really looking forward to sharing and exploring science with my second graders using practical tools that make learning more authentic for us.

With best thanks,
Mrs. Lee

Hey buddy! how does it grow

I am very grateful to you for your help in funding this project! Research clearly shows the positive benefits of outdoor learning on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. By providing these materials to our students, we are able to provide new experiences that develop the whole child, a key focus of our school’s vision and mission. Reaching at least 150 students, these materials provide amazing outdoor learning experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have. Thank you for all of your support and generosity!

With best thanks,
Mrs. Ruby

Small Molecule of DNA - Page Dividers for The Inoculation Project

Founded in 2009, The Inoculation Project is fighting the anti-science and anti-education surge in conservative America by funding science, math, and literacy projects in classrooms and libraries of Red State public schools. Our channel is DonorsChoose, a crowdfunding charity founded in 2000 and highly rated by both Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau.

Every Sundaywe focus on funding projects in the neighborhood public Schools where the overwhelming majority of students are from low-income households. We welcome all who support public school education – no money needed!

Finally, here is ours List of successfully funded projects — is our series total 985! The Achievement List Diary also contains links and further information on DonorsChoose.

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