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Nikita Karande, a 16-year-old girl, loves art, being outdoors and spending time with her loved ones. She has been an art student for eight years and has learned many different painting and drawing techniques.

After being an artist for several years and developing a real passion for it, she wanted to share her hobby with others.

With this inspiration, she founded The Arts of Healing, a non-profit organization in the USA with the sole purpose of helping people in various ways to use art as a medium. Nikita wants to pass this knowledge on to as many people as possible, especially those who do not have the privilege of accessing such education. She believes art can be used as an outlet to address social and emotional challenges.

“My mission is to bring the knowledge of fine arts to people from all backgrounds and use this medium to cope with various social and emotional challenges,” Nikita shared The logical Indian.

“I intend to donate art supplies to underprivileged individuals and institutions that support similar initiatives, and to provide art education and learning to those who do not have access to it. All of these endeavors gave me the perfect opportunity to start my own nonprofit organization. The Arts of Healing Inc,” she added.

‘Donate art supplies to low-income groups’

By funding art sessions for private events or birthday parties, the NGO generates money that is used to donate art supplies to schools and lower-income charities. In this way, it spreads the joy and learning of art to children and adults who do not have adequate access to this outlet.

“I truly believe that more people should experience the happiness that drawing and painting brings, and for that reason we want to spread joy to communities that are struggling,” Nikita said.

Create a balance between studies and NGOs

Being the founder of an NGO at her age can also be quite stressful, she believes. Doing her schoolwork and trying to keep up good grades while also acting as a leader for her volunteers and partners is complicated for multitasking. However, she knows that her work will positively impact many people, so the extra work is worth the occasional stress.

“I’m also very grateful to my family and friends for being so supportive and helping me every step of the way,” she said.

Speaking of the challenges, the teenager said: “One of the biggest challenges in this journey is funding these programs. In addition to all the materials for projects and workshops, money tends to be tight. However, this is a problem many unfamiliar -profit organizations face, so we will continue to promote fundraising events and donations to meet our needs.”

Nikita pointed out that the main challenge of running an NGO and being a student is to strike a balance. However, both are very important to her and finding a balance between the two requires thorough planning.

“My whole day, week, and month runs on calendars, alarm clocks, and schedules. Without set times and written to-do lists, I wouldn’t be able to effectively tackle an NGO and a school at the same time,” she said.

For those who prefer not to deal headfirst with their social and emotional challenges, these alternative art opportunities offer a distraction rather than a direct confrontation, Nikita said. In addition, art promotes calm and a positive imagination in people’s minds, which eliminates negative energy from the top of the brain. Some studies show that art releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which brings happiness and joy.

Spreading more healing in the future

In the future, the NGO plans to further expand its volunteer base and provide arts education to the underprivileged. There are also plans to raise additional funds through various art events and to launch a GoFundMe page to accept cash donations.

In addition, she plans to visit facilities such as children’s hospitals and senior centers to further bring the healing that painting offers to a wider audience that needs it.

“By supporting our cause, visual arts become more than just a simple hobby, but a way to connect with people,” Nikita said.

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