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SEARSPORT – Carver Memorial Library will host local authors Patsy Baldus, Janet Williams and Kim Yesis on Tuesday, August 9th at 6:30pm. They will read from their latest books, discuss them and answer questions. Patsy Baldus will present first, then Kim Yesis and finally Janet Williams. The program will be about an hour long. At the end of the program, authors have the opportunity to sign and sell copies of their books.

Patsy Baldus spent most of her life enjoying the beautiful surroundings of her beloved Maine. Her zest for life continues even after she retired after 33 years of teaching from kindergarten through 6th grade. She has always loved to write! Her career began at the tender age of ten when she edited a community newspaper that immediately got her into trouble. Undaunted, Baldus continued to write between classes, in the summer and after retirement. your memories, Sneakers Love, Lutefisk and Lemon Zest, was written as a legacy for her two now-grown children, only lightly scarred from their mother’s book. What do yellow sneakers, a gecko, a trip to the vet and an unforgettable 7-course Swedish meal have in common? misfortune of course!

Join Baldus on a terrific adventure through these humorous and sometimes poignant adventures as the author reveals the joys and comedic pitfalls of everyday experiences, including vacations, pets, moving house and interacting with the neighborhood’s kids. Patsy lives in Midcoast Maine with her husband and continues to make plans for her next adventure as a flower gardener.

After many years in corporate management Kim Yesis took her pen to write about the bumps and bruises and benefits of her journey into the fine arts with Maine artist Peter Yesis – a journey that took her to Maine. in the Side by side: stories behind the screens tells Kim the story of her husband, Maine artist Peter Yesis, who at age 50 traded his hard hat for a brush and canvas, a move that could reignite or bring about the end of her 30-year marriage. Backstage, side by side tells of the artist’s bumpy start, his wife’s artistic crash course and the transformation of their marriage into a creative partnership – with an unexpected sideline. side by side Full of spirit, humor and determination, is a fun and informative read for anyone setting foot on a creative path… and also for those cheering from the sidelines. Yesis lives and works side-by-side with her husband in Searsport, where they enjoy Maine’s beauty and arts scene.

Janet Williams grew up in England and rescued her first animal, a teddy bear abandoned in a gutter, at the age of three. At the age of 20, Williams said goodbye to her horse and family and sailed to the United States. She settled in Cleveland, Ohio, married and raised her family there, including a number of cats and dogs, all of whom needed homes. In 2007, Williams retired and moved to Searsport with her four cats and dog. Williams volunteers for several local organizations, loves the outdoors, gardening and spending time in the great outdoors with her dog, Leila.

William’s book Maxx and Mrs. Queen, a heartwarming and offbeat animal rescue story, was written to raise money for animal rescue; All proceeds are donated to animal shelters and animal rescue groups. Maxx, Harry, Greta, Tootsie and ZaZa were homeless themselves until Uncle Oscar found them one cold, dark night and brought them home. When Uncle Oscar is to be given an honorary degree, Mrs. Queen invites Uncle Oscar to bring his family to meet them at the palace, and so begins this imaginative tale of rescuing dogs and cats from life on the road and the search for a loving forever home. Be ready to laugh and cry as the story of Buckingham Palace meanders through the streets of London and St James’s Park, taking the homeless animals to safety, a royal fur ball and more. While the book is for children, the story appeals to all ages and teaches about kindness, compassion and responsibility.

The Carver Memorial Library is located at 12 Union Street, on the corner of Mortland Road in Searsport. For more information, call the library at 548-2303.

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