Art Contest Aims to Raise Awareness of Experimental Opportunities – | Candle Made Easy

Participation in clinical research could potentially use a boost — as many studies struggle to meet recruitment goals, study teams often look for ways to raise awareness of research opportunities and reach potential patients. The Bridging the Gap for Clinical Trials competition, an open artistic competition with cash prizes awarded to winning entries, seeks to use creative expression to raise awareness of the possibilities of clinical trials.

To learn more about the competition, Outsourcing-Pharma connected with two executives from organizer SiteBridge Research:

  • Johanne Laboy, Head of Social Commitment
  • Nancy Sacco, Director of Clinical Operations

OSP: In short, what is the Bridging the Gap for Clinical Trials program?

JL: The Bridging the Gap for Clinical Trials art competition is an opportunity for the community to use the power of art to inform, raise awareness, and spark conversations about clinical trials and the diversity of clinical trial participation.

OSP: How did the idea come about?

JL: During a corporate retreat, as we discussed how we could design, develop and implement innovative and groundbreaking community engagement efforts to simultaneously educate and entertain, said Allison Kalloo, co-founder of i-Participle, an art Lover and one of our consultants suggested incorporating art into the process. We all enthusiastically embraced the idea and developed it further as our entire team is a champion of the art.

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