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ARtGlass can power a global AR movement in tourism by putting TourBuilder in the hands of storytellers.”

— Greg Werkheiser, co-founder and CEO, ARtGlass

RICHMOND, VA, July 26, 2022 / — For the first time, ARtGlass, the global leader in Augmented Reality (AR) tours of cultural venues, is offering its affordable, all-in-one software platform, TourBuilder, direct to museums, historical sites, tour operators and content creators of all kinds.

Subscribers can create, deploy, and modify immersive location-based AR experiences in minutes. TourBuilder unlocks the potential of AR for education and entertainment by overlaying dynamic, interactive content over visitors’ real-world views while using transparent AR smart glasses, tablets or smartphones.

“ARTGlass can power a global AR movement in tourism by putting TourBuilder in the hands of storytellers,” said co-founder and CEO Greg Werkheiser.

ARtGlass’ TourBuilder uses the lessons learned and serves more than 4 million tourists in various real-world conditions in nearly 100 famous travel destinations. Users can create and deploy long multimedia AR tours with multiple stops. As a no-code tool, users can easily arrange still images, videos, audio, 3D models, holograms, 360° panoramas, games, captions and more. You can trigger content with GPS coordinates, beacons, or object detection, and create indoor and outdoor tours. Tours can be started on mobile smartphones, tablets or directly in a user’s field of vision with head-up display smart glasses. Storytellers can work together to create scenes together and assign team roles. All of this is now possible without leaving the platform.

Visitors to ARtGlass client sites like ancient Pompeii enjoy 90-minute walking tours featuring 3D recreations of the city alongside ruins. Archival footage is transformed into floating galleries that distort reality, and holograms of historical figures guide you through their former homes. These capabilities and more are available to websites leveraging the TourBuilder platform.

TourBuilder integrates with other ARtGlass apps to provide tours in multiple contexts:

• WalkAR enables large group tours by combining AR visuals and audio with live commentary from on-site tour guides.
• WebAR allows visitors to scan a QR code and use their own devices to experience on-site AR tours in the browser without downloads.
• ViewAR includes all the features of WebAR but does not require WiFi to better serve websites with limited connectivity.

ARtGlass data shows that visitors who use AR engage more intellectually and emotionally with history, art, artifacts and landscapes, with improved connection to a place.

ARtGlass Chief Technology Officer Luigi Percuoco said: “We built a time machine to take your visitors to the past or future, revealing hidden stories about the people, places and objects that bring insight and meaning to our lives. “

Executive Vice President Lexi Cleveland stated, “Not only are our customers using our technology to capture the attention of new and returning audiences, but they are also using AR as a tool for preserving historic sites that are under threat and as a tool for social justice, the different communities with a new, and sometimes subversive way of telling their stories.”

Neal Stimler, Metaverse and Wearable Technologies Expert, observed, “AR experiences created with ARtGlass’ TourBuilder can enhance a company’s value proposition to potential customers, inspire thoughtful public engagement with interactive and resonant content, and generate revenue to generate.”


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About ARtGlass: ARtGlass has mastered the art of AR storytelling at cultural and historical sites, museums, entertainment venues and other attractions. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, with offices in Milan, Italy, the company has helped clients welcome more than 4 million visitors in venues as diverse as art museums, presidential plantations, hilltop castle ruins, World Heritage archaeological sites, aquariums and product launches inspire and measure. The success of ARtGlass is based on collaboration between leading technology experts, historians and culture specialists, and entrepreneurs focused on public engagement. With TourBuilder, ARtGlass now empowers cultural sites and attractions to differentiate and enhance their visitor experience, delight new and returning guests, and drive revenue.

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