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Cottagecore is perhaps one of the loveliest interior trends, with a romantic vision of rural life, complete with blurred wheat fields, mottled country lanes and chocolate cottages. Cottagecore interiors are infinitely appealing because they’re relatively easy to replicate, even if your home doesn’t have drafty cottage windows, heavy beams, and creaky floorboards.

In expression, Cottagecore focuses on decorative folk styles, natural materials such as wood, stone and cotton, and a confident use of color and pattern, mixing a rainbow of shades and wrestling tartans, chintzy florals and lace trimmings in a charming if chaotic union .

There are key cottagecore pieces like antique or heirloom wood furniture and a wrought iron bed frame, but most important is a space that’s well-lived, cozy, and welcoming. Cottagecore doesn’t care about anything immaculate or over-styled, it’s equally relaxed and playful, embracing beauty in imperfections.

Below we’ve looked at 14 essential furniture and homewares that will bring cottagecore decor into your home…

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Cottagecore decor is meant to look and feel good and as such newer materials such as chrome or polished brass do not always fit comfortably into a cottage setting. Antique brass is instead often used in conjunction with darker metals such as nickel. The icing on the cake of this Pooky light is a cute pleated shade.


Country Living Croyde Stripe Cushion

Cottagecore tends to embrace a heady palette of colors and patterns, combining florals with stripes, polka dots and tartans. It’s the materials used that provide a certain consistency, you’ll likely find plenty of cotton and linen blends (as in this Croyde Stripe cushion from Country Living) or wool and velvet for the winter months.


Lacquered frame with pressed larkspur

Larkspur is a typical country house flower and is always richly colored in shades of blue, purple, dusky pink, red and white. Here, a deep purple delphinium has been hand pressed into a sweet lacquered frame.


Country Living Charlbury armchair

The furniture found in country homes tends to be in more traditional forms – many are heirloom or antique – and for sofas and armchairs that usually means curled arms, turned wooden feet, high backs and sinking squishy cushions.


Exhibition poster by William Morris

Cottagecore draws many parallels with the Arts & Crafts movement, and so any tribute to William Morris fits comfortably into cottage decor. Wallpaper can be expensive (John Lewis sells some brilliant copies if you want to treat yourself), but his gorgeous patterns and illustrations can be found on throw pillows, wall art, and even notebooks.


Square cushion in checked linen with a ruffled pattern

Gingham is having a moment thanks to the proliferation of vintage and antique markets. This cute blue and white checked cushion from Rebecca Udall is made from linen with delicate ruffle details.



Cottagecore has a strong propensity for crafting, mending, and upcycling. Here, wooden apple crates have been painted (in Country Living paint colors) to accommodate the odds and ends that overflow in cupboards and shelves.



The materials used in the country houses have a sensibility to nature – you see lots of wood, stone, ceramics and unbleached linens and wool. Sisal is a natural and sustainable fiber and a great flooring option. Again, we love the pretty red piping.


Set of 4 kitchen glasses



A strong affinity for the environment means you’ll rarely find plastic packaging in a cottagecore home. Decant anything that can be displayed — oils, sugars, dried goods — into glass mason jars and stack them on shelves and units.


Country Living Annabelle Cotton Drum Shade

You can’t get more country than cow parsley or waddling ducks. Both are printed onto these cute cotton drums in soft, natural colors. Both available in two sizes.


ANYDAY Spindle dining chairs, set of 2

Spindle-back dining chairs are a country-style staple, and these affordable ANYDAY versions are a brilliant modern twist. In true country style, they’d probably sit in mismatched pairs – John Lewis sells them in three colors if you want to recreate the look.

There are two key cottagecore themes at play here – quilts and paisley. A heavy emphasis on layers — perhaps a way to stay warm in notoriously drafty cabins — sees pillows, throws and rugs stacked on top of each other.


Raffia scallop lampshade

Much like gingham is coming back, so are scalloped edges. They can be found on lampshades, lacquered trays and upholstered furniture, often lined as you can see here in cheerful primary colours.


Set of three very useful Elibris trays

Country house styling is often haphazard and charming, with an abundance of treasures and trinkets. Gather yours in these canvas and wood bowls to display on sideboards or shelves.

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