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Group1’s Potassium Prussian White cathode materials for potassium ion batteries can sustainably bridge the emerging gap between lithium demand and supply

Austin, Texas, July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Honored Professor John Goodenoughs 100th Anniversary, Inventors of the Lithium Ion Battery (LIB), Group1 announced today as the world’s first company to commercialize cathode materials for novel Potassium Ion Batteries (KIBs).

As countries around the world move away from fossil fuels, demand for high-quality batteries increases and lithium shortages begin to emerge. Specifically, Group1 uses a machine learning-based process to optimize its production of Potassium Prussian White (KPW) cathode materials for fast-charging, high-efficiency and safer KIBs, which can be a sustainable and crucial alternative to LIBs.

Based in Austin, TexasGroup1 is led by its three co-founders, the Chief Executive Officer Alexander Giraua YCombinator alumni who previously founded a successful battery materials company, Chief Science Officer Dr. Yakov Kuzowskiformer Chief Technology Officer of global specialty materials manufacturer Cabot Corporation and Chief Product Officer, Dr. Leigang Xue, previously a post-doctoral researcher at Goodenough Lab and inventor of KPW’s cathode materials.

“As our transition away from fossil fuels accelerates, demand for lithium-ion batteries is increasing rapidly, and our lithium reserves will soon be unable to meet that demand. Group1 and potassium ion batteries can provide a viable alternative to fill this supply gap,” said the Group1 CEO Alexander Girau. “We are proud to be the first company in the market to commercialize Potassium Prussian White cathode materials to create safer, fast-charging, more efficient and sustainable Potassium-Ion batteries.”

Group1’s KPW cathode materials offer significant advantages compared to other non-LIB battery materials for several reasons. Industry adoption of Group1’s KPW cathode materials will be accelerated as the materials match existing graphite anode materials, electrolytes, cell design and manufacturing for LIBs. This means that LIB manufacturers do not need to change their existing infrastructure, as it can already be used to manufacture KIBs enabled by KPW cathode materials.

Unlike LIBs, the raw materials used by Group1 to manufacture KIBs are sustainable as they are used both in The United States and internationally. Potassium used in Group1 KPW cathode materials is 1,000 times more abundant in the earth than lithium and 20 times cheaper. Group1 also uses other abundant minerals domestically, while companies manufacturing LIBs often need to import rare earth minerals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt from overseas.

KIBs fabricated with Group1’s KPW cathode materials offer safety advantages over LIBs based on the use of safer electrolytes and oxygen-free materials. In addition, KIBs charge more efficiently and faster than LIBs because of the smaller size and higher mobility of potassium ions in electrolytes compared to lithium ions.

To accelerate materials development and scaling, Group1 uses materials informatics, combining high-throughput experiments and machine learning to cut the time it takes to develop best-in-class KPW cathode materials in half. “By leveraging a state-of-the-art materials informatics and scale-up platform we built from the ground up, Group1 will continue to expand our intellectual property portfolio and deliver best-in-class KPW materials to our customers,” said Group1 CSO DR. Yakov Kuzowski.

dr Group1’s Leigang Xue invented KPW cathode materials in 2017 in Professor Goodenough’s laboratory in University of Texas at Austin, the source of almost all major battery innovations since 1980. In 2019, Professor Goodenough was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering contributions to the field of LIBs. Group1 debuted at Professor Goodenough’s 100th birthday party 22nd of July In the University of Texas at Austinwith whom it works.

About Group1

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2021, Group1 is an engineered materials company focused on the commercialization of potassium-ion batteries, expanding beyond the limitations of lithium-ion batteries while building on the best lithium-ion technologies. Group1 delivers best-in-class materials at commercial scale by combining high-throughput synthesis and screening with machine learning-driven materials informatics. Group1 is the first company to practically enable high-performance, long-life potassium-ion batteries that can meet society’s future growth needs.

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