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FALMOUTH, MA — Highfield Hall & Gardens is pleased to announce Boston Sculptors at 30! an installation of exceptional variety and excellence, displaying over fifty works of art.

Highfield Hall welcomes the artists of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, celebrating 30 years as the nation’s first artist-run sculptor’s cooperative. All 45 artists have responded to Highfield Hall’s landscape, gardens, architecture, history and Cape Cod in general by creating and selecting site-specific works.

On display on the grounds and installed throughout the home, visitors to Highfield Hall will discover the artists’ sculptural responses to ‘places’, crafted in a variety of materials and incorporating a wide range of media. The art of the award-winning artists ranges from the monumental to the infinitely small and personal. Fourteen outdoor works are on view through October 30, 2022, exploring the trees, hills and windswept landscape surrounding Highfield Hall.

One of these pieces is by Ed Andrews, an artist and retired professor from Northeastern University in Rhode Island. Andrews’ Prothesis for a Fallen Giant greets visitors at the top of the hill as they approach the site. Andrews built a tower of steel on which he has a live European beech seedling that together stands over fourteen feet on an old beech stump. The tower has intricate steel bands that reflect growth patterns and the outline of the tree stump. This delicate but powerful reminder of a former beech tree is an example of an artist who has recognized the importance of place in public art.

Other examples surround the home of marble, bronze, ceramic, upcycled plastic and aluminum such as Andy Zimmermann’s Seven Sprouts, where the seven elements appear to sprout from the ground in anticipation of blooming flowers or other living matter, a vigorous reminder of lawn tennis activity, which was once played in the same place.

New Hampshire-based artist Andrea Thompson created Keel of the Sun, a gold-leafed wooden arch mounted on slender steel legs and located on the back lawn. Suggesting nautical heritage and celestial awareness, the sculpture marks the movement of the midsummer sun across the landscape and references the keel of a boat. The piece is, in the words of the artist, “a meditation on how we build our lives day by day”.

Night visitors to the grounds can enjoy Boston artist Marilu Swett’s phosphorescent GLOW, located on the hill bank leading to the West Garden. Other work is located along the Historic Beech Tree Path, in Rhododendron Valley and in both formal gardens.

You have until August 21st to visit the interior galleries to see BSG’s remaining 35 sculptures. Art fills the galleries on both floors, where diverse forms of expression can be seen in such large-scale materials as cast bronze, coyote skeleton covered in automotive paint, animated videos, ultraviolet-lit text, and even a special room installation titled Field Hospital, made of cyanotype-printed fabrics and camp beds.

Liz Shepherd and Suzanne Mosely’s Field Hospital is where the past intersects with the present. The installation takes inspiration from the popular drama Downton Abbey and houses wounded soldiers from World War I, the Spanish flu, historic homes and current medical practices surrounding the pandemic.

Celebrating Boston Sculptors Gallery Boston Sculptors at 30! at Highfield Hall & Gardens offers visitors a unique summer getaway that focuses on art, history and nature.

exhibition plan

  • Art Indoors – July 12 – August 21, 2022
  • Outdoor Art – July 12 – October 30, 2022.
  • Opening hours of the gallery: Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m
  • Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

About Highfield Hall & Gardens The home is a rarely preserved example of Stick Style transitional architecture with beautiful gardens in the heart of Falmouth, Massachusetts. It is a unique combination of a historic house, extensive gardens and walking paths and a vibrant cultural center. Built in 1878 as a summer residence for the Boston Beebe family, the home sits on 12 acres surrounded by 1,000 acres of nature preserve and public trails. Highfield Hall & Gardens is not your typical historic property. It is an example of a historic building saved through grassroots community organizing. An effort of perseverance and vision that will continue as new research into the structure and its history of the people who lived here adds to the building’s importance. It offers world-class music, international art exhibitions, cooking classes, family programs and special events throughout the year. For more information visit www.highfieldhallandgardens.or….

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