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IMS now offers new brand integration opportunities within Roblox, one of the most popular virtual universes for Gen Z

IMS, part of Aleph Group, Inc and a global partner of the world’s leading digital platforms, announced an exclusive alliance with Super League Gaming (Nasdaq: SLGG) in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Central America and Italy, which will allow brands everywhere to capitalize on the unique relationships the Super League has forged with dozens of talented game developers within the Roblox metaverse, where millions of players create, share and play immersive worlds every day .

With more than seven years of experience working with gaming platforms, IMS by Aleph renews its commitment to disruptive technologies and, through the Super League, enables brands to become an organic part of the player experience within the metaverse. Through branded playable characters, custom stages, special wearable in-game items, soft branded currencies, and more, brands can offer players tangible benefits that make playing a game even more enjoyable.

Super League is a leading publisher of games, monetization tools, and content channels, specializing in creating unique opportunities for brands to integrate with and add to popular games and experiences on the world’s two largest Metaverse gaming platforms, Roblox and Minecraft create. According to the latest Roblox report in the first quarter of 2022, the platform reached an average of 54.1 million active daily users and a total of 11.8 billion hours accumulated in this universe.

As a child friendly certified platform that is fully compliant COPPA and GDPR Regulations, Roblox is an ideal place for brands to connect with new generations and grow their business exponentially. The impact on the Gen Z universe is clear, which is why major global brands such as Nickelodeon, Universal, Mattel, Nike and Hasbro have been deployed within the platform.

“IMS by Aleph’s longstanding presence and track record of bringing new technology brands and social media platforms to the Latin American market made IMS a natural choice as our strategic partner. We look forward to an exciting partnership,” he said Lane Solberg SVP of Network Development and Partnerships at Super League Gaming, Inc.

“This new alliance with the Super League allows us to enter new technological universes, connecting Latin American companies to a huge audience that is otherwise difficult to reach. Companies in the region will have the opportunity to enter these new universes in an authentic and creatively inspiring way,” explained Ignacio Vidaguren, CEO of IMS by Aleph.

“The Metaverse is not the future, it is happening now and brands, as a result of this partnership, have the opportunity to integrate into one of the largest platforms in the industry, which literally offers a new universe in which to connect with young gamers,” announces Bruno Maslo Partner Director of IMS.

With this new alliance, Super League Gaming joins IMS by Aleph’s portfolio of strategic partners Latin America These include: Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Warner Music Twitch, TikTok, Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard Media, among others.

“As part of the Aleph Group, Inc., we have a presence in more than 90 markets on four continents and represent more than 30 leading platforms. This global perspective sets us apart: it gives us the experience and ability to interpret the latest trends in the brand marketing industry,” says Vidaguren.

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Internet Media Services (IMS) is one of the Aleph Group, Inc. companies. Aleph is a leading global digital advertising enabler, connecting thousands of advertisers in emerging markets to the world’s leading digital platforms.

Representing the world’s leading platforms in over 90 markets around the world where they don’t have a physical presence, Aleph enables platforms like Twitter, Meta, Snapchat and nearly 30+ others to expand into new markets and allow advertisers to to fully exploit the advertising possibilities of the platforms. Through these long-standing partnerships, Aleph creates the opportunity for all people and businesses to advertise on a local and global scale without borders.

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About Super League Gaming

Super League Gaming (NASDAQ: SLGG) is a leading publisher of games, monetization tools and content channels across Metaverse gaming platforms that empower developers, excite players and entertain fans.

The company’s solutions provide unparalleled access to an audience comprised of gamers across the largest global Metaverse environments, fans of hundreds of thousands of gaming influencers, and viewers of gameplay content across major social media and digital video platforms.

Powered by proprietary and patented technology systems, the company’s platform includes access to vibrant in-game communities, a leading Metaverse advertising platform, a network of highly regarded channels and original shows on Instagram, TikTok, Snap, YouTube and Twitch, cloud-based livestream -Production tools and an award-winning esports invitational tournament series. The properties of the Super League offer brands and advertisers powerful opportunities to generate impactful insights and marketing results with players of all ages.

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