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“The Story of the Star of David” by Marc Bennett with the AFSMC Board, Mindy Gale and Dr. Itzhak Avital; Photo credit: Jordan Polevoy

Hengameh & David Kimiabakhsh, longtime supporters of Soroka; Credit: Rachel David

Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld, Marc Bennett and Dr. Shlomi Codish reveal “The Story of the Star of David”; Photo credit: Jordan Polevoy

I am honored to have this artwork installed where it can bring hope and healing to patients and their families, physicians, staff and visitors to Soroka Medical Center.”

— Artist, Marc Bennett

SCARSDALE, NY, July 26, 2022 / — On July 10, 2022, the American Friends of Soroka Medical Center (AFSMC) celebrated Israel’s newest cultural landmark, “The Story of the Star of David” by Marc Bennett, as it was unveiled at his permanent home at Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva, Israel. The moving ceremony took place at the Healing Garden adjacent to the Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and the Dr. Larry Norton Institute in the presence of directors and members of the Friends of Soroka from the United States and Israel, members of the hospital board, staff and patients, and other dignitaries. The uplifting color palette of this spectacular art installation depicts the ongoing journey of the world’s most recognizable star, shining as a beacon of hope in the center of Be’er Sheva.

Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld, AFSMC Executive Director, said: “I speak on behalf of the entire AFSMC family tonight, including our Board of Directors, volunteers and philanthropists. Your passion and dedication helped us to reach this very proud moment. Soroka’s commitment to healthcare excellence and innovation, with a unique cultural sensitivity, contributes directly to building a future of peaceful coexistence in Israel. This stunning visual centerpiece in the heart of our campus will help us tell the story of Soroka’s pioneering spirit.” This art installation was made possible thanks to the Board of Directors, partners from AFSMC and the Iranian-American-Jewish Federation, and others.

What began as a philanthropic passion project is now a national cultural landmark in Israel thanks to the dedication and determination of three close friends: David Cursorman, Mindy Gale Cursorman and Marc Bennett. Mindy Gale, owner and founder of Gale Branding, notes, “Together we understood the power of art; This is a stunning work of art that tells an emotional story and represents the best that art can give back. This piece will financially support Soroka Medical Center through a wealth of licensing opportunities for Judaica and art-related merchandise for generations to come.” Looking ahead, the artwork, a stunning example of corporate philanthropy, is expected to generate significant revenue for the Comprehensive Cancer Center will be generated by Soroka. Learn more about the project at

El Al Israel Airlines is a corporate partner of the American Friends of Soroka Medical Center on this special project. Stanley Morais, Associate Director of International Affairs at EL AL, comments, “As Israel’s national airline, we are proud to fly the Star of David around the globe. The Star of David is a symbol that represents our history, our country, our people and our state. We look forward to all Soroka supporters from around the world flying EL AL as they come to see Marc Bennett’s unique artwork, The Story of the Star of David. This will provide more opportunities to visit Be’er Sheva and the Negev and see for yourself what this unique region has to offer.”

dr Shlomi Codish, Director General of Soroka Medical Center, notes, “The members of the Friends of Soroka Association of New York have a deep and longstanding partnership with the hospital. Association members work hard to promote and advance medicine. This wonderful exhibit is an example of the association’s members’ commitment to the physical and spiritual healing of the Negev people, and I thank them for that.” Caroline Freidfertig, President of AFSMC, Carlos Gutierrez, Board Vice President, Board Treasurer, Hillel Caplan, Board Secretary, Deborah Cherki, and Board Members, David Kimiabakhsh, President Emeritus Ruth Steinberg, President Emeritus, Dr. Jay Selman, Henri Boll and Ran Daniel instrumental and are proud to be part of Soroka’s initiative that combines art and healing.

Visitors, patients and staff can now connect to the powerful piece that reflects hope, perseverance and strength. Prof. Yitzhak Avital, Director of the Legacy Heritage Center for Oncology in Soroka, thanks “the members of the Friends of Soroka Association in New York for contributing this masterpiece to our healing garden. The environment and treatment experience play an important role in the healing process, and the Healing Garden at the Oncology Center allows the patient to relax, take a break from the daily routine of treatment, and inspire hope. The particular work placed in the garden represents the survival of the Star of David over the years, which can also empower our patients in their daily struggles.” The installation evokes a sense of survival and determination, as well as a celebration of Jewish culture, tradition and faith.

Marc Bennett is an artist and filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY and a member of the Directors Guild of America. He received his training at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Bennett has received the Art of California Magazine’s Discovery Award, the Stamford Art Association’s Color Award, the World Medal from the New York Festival’s Television Advertising Awards, and the Best Shorts Competition’s Outstanding Achievement Humanitarian Award Raising Awareness of Important Issues and Working to Change the World Holocaust Fresh in Our Memories” by The Wrap. Bennett is committed to art and film as visual languages ​​that entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire positive change around the world.

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