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With almost 200 artworks by thirty artists from all over the world and in all disciplines, stressed worldmakes diversity normal. Luckily the show doest to showcase his works from all corners of the racial, gender and sexual universe. It’s instinctively inclusive. It goes the way.

For those who dressI don’t know the Ghanaian artist El Anatsuis work, which had a nice exhibition at the Clark Art Institute in 2011, here are several different aspects of his work. The focus is on one of his large murals, the titular stressed world,This is something like a post-industrial quilt made from discarded aluminum scrap interwoven with copper wire.

In another room, Anatsuis large hanging ball lap of time,with the same materials, is disarming as the faceted surface rotates slowly, floating. Both In addition to ecological and social sensitivity, the works shine with formal ingenuity. A series of smaller, earlier, roughly hewn Manganese sculptures extend our appreciation for Anatsuis area.

Many of the the Artists have several works on display here, often showing their evolution over time, giving the exhibition a matrix-like robustness as you bobble in and out of spaces and exploreand understand bettermore works by previously seen artists. So can we record Status quoby Cuban artist Yoan Capote, an oversized scale in the entrance gallery, and then discover his Nostalgia,a suitcase full of Manhattan stones, later. Both works play against clichés and expectations with critical wit.

Irish artist Jackie Nickerson’s many color photographs range from creepy, colorless stills life or insights into foreign interiors, on one wall of eight large, staged studios portraitswhere figures are obscured, draped or encased in various types of plastic. These are somber, confusing works that might be trying too hard, but they expand the show’s larger palette.

Hawaiian beekeeper Garnett Puett’s sculptures advance one fabulous ideaBeeswax sticks created by bees (with some interference von Puett) around irregular fittings. These collaborative objects are oddly modernist, yet unclassifiable, not to mention beautiful in both material and formal terms.

That many figurative bronze sculptures by Claudette Schreuders, with some accompanying works on paper, create a growing, cohesive presence throughout the building. Their stoic, persistent demeanor makes you pause, and it’s easy to wonder what they’re thinking and if maybe they know more than you do.

A few faithful ones are included: a few Andy Warhol photographs, each composed of four repeating images, and some colorful and overtly decorative color images of Gordon Parks. Complementing these photographs are some brand new multi-image works by Carrie Mae Weems that have a cosmic feel to themOne is literally a series of images in rounded frames of what appears to be the North Star. More grounded and unsettling are fifteen circular photographic images by Deborah Luster, depicting crime scenes and penetrating in their open distance.

YouIt would be correct if you saw the curation here as a way to create a diverse exhibition of diverse works under a very loose heading. It helps that art is beautifully conceived, thoughtfully carefully selected and processed. Dito for installation even In the remodeled school, the idiosyncratic spaces, corners, cavernous spaces and walls facing large windows have been maximized.

the jack Schainmann Gallery represents a wide range of artists who dont fall under an umbrella, of course. But in stressed worldThere’s a keen eye for internal currents that gel the show, including explanations of cultural nuances and some observations, however fuzzy, about resisting misunderstanding and adversity.

and So In the end, the show represents us all.

“Stressed World”

Where: The School, Jack Shainman Gallery, 25 Broad Street, Kinderhook, NY 12106

When: until December 3rd

Opening hours: Saturday 11-6

admission free

Info: 212-202-3402 or

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