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For hospitality businesses, unified communications offers unlimited opportunities to increase productivity, collaboration and growth. Done right, a UC solution can simultaneously empower team members to do their best work while ensuring they have the tools they need to delight clients, guests and customers.

There are many ways for hospitality brands to take their first steps into UC now, from investing in video conferencing tools for distributed team members to embracing UC solutions in the cloud with UCaaS.

Today we offer a look at some of the most innovative UC vendors that are paving the way for hospitality transformation.


Meta is not only the company behind numerous social media giants and leading XR tools, but also one of the pioneers paving the way for a new age of work. For hospitality businesses, tools like Meta’s Workplace provide a convenient and fast environment for employees from all disciplines to stay connected through updates, live streaming video and chat.

Elsewhere, Meta’s investments in the “Metaverse” make it a strong partner for hospitality businesses looking into a new world of team and customer experiences. With Meta, these brands will be able to run everything from VR hotel tours to XR collaboration sessions between distributed collaborators. Who knows what the future might bring?


Zoom has become one of the most valuable brands for businesses of all sizes in recent years, and Zoom’s evolving technology stack makes it a fantastic venture for hospitality brands. With Zoom technology, hospitality companies can bring their distributed team members closer together with video conferencing and host large conferences to keep employees globally connected.

With everything from scalable telephony solutions to powerful meetings and events technology, Zoom opens the door to new revenue opportunities in hospitality. Many hotels and similar locations are beginning to invest in Zoom Rooms to enhance their local clients’ conference sessions and boost creative collaboration between teams.


RingCentral is one of the most formidable companies in the cloud communications space right now, offering a variety of powerful tools for hotel brands ready to digitally transform their communications systems. With RingCentral, hospitality executives can access intelligent collaboration tools to connect their workforce and global telephony capabilities with fantastic levels of reliability and quality of service.

RingCentral is also an excellent choice for hospitality brands considering the benefits of aligning their cloud environments for UCaaS and CCaaS. The ecosystem makes it easy to combine all the tools you need for great communication in one place. It even integrates with various leading software solutions in areas like CRM and service desks.


Upgrading to the next generation of hospitality business processes means investing in the right hardware and leading software. Logitech is already helping several hospitality brands transition into a new era of video conferencing and hybrid events. A robust portfolio of scalable solutions for all events and meetings makes Logitech a powerful partner for companies.

The Logitech ecosystem also includes various tools to help hospitality brands keep their communications secure, compliant, and private in any environment. Whether you’re building new conference rooms or outfitting team members for remote meetings, Logitech could be the ideal hospitality partner.


Avaya distinguishes itself as a leader in communications, with state-of-the-art tools for collaboration, communication and customer service. Avaya even recently launched a new “Intelligent Hotel Room Experience” specifically designed to help hospitality brands offer their customers a new level of customer experience in the modern world.

Avaya’s technology suite includes everything from intuitive collaboration tools like Avaya Spaces to powerful cloud-based telephony systems and state-of-the-art contact centers. The flexible and open nature of the Avaya environment also ensures that hospitality brands can connect their new communications system to the tools they already use.


As one of the fastest growing companies in the UCaaS space today, Microsoft has taken the world by storm with the simple and practical functionality of Microsoft Teams. The Teams environment, nested within the much larger Microsoft ecosystem, provides an ideal place for hospitality professionals to stay connected and securely share information with colleagues.

Microsoft’s Direct Routing and Operator Connect solutions enable hospitality brands to integrate their preferred telephony provider into the Microsoft tech stack, eliminating the need to compromise existing investments. Additionally, with innovations like Microsoft Mesh for Teams, there are opportunities to capitalize on the XR and Metaverse trends.


Another fantastic choice for hospitality companies looking for the best hardware to support their digital transformation strategy, Poly has everything today’s businesses need to support the modern workforce. From state-of-the-art plug-and-play room systems designed to empower teams with the latest conferencing and hybrid event technology, to basic webcams, Poly has it all.

Powerful back-end device management solutions also ensure teams working in a mobile environment like hospitality can keep tabs on their hardware and maintain excellent security in an evolving environment. With tools for every use case, Poly has a lot to offer growing hospitality businesses.


Vonage offers an open and scalable UC approach for the modern hospitality brand, perfect for businesses looking for exceptional flexibility. With Vonage APIs and pre-built communications tools, any organization can design the communications environment that makes the most sense, even if it means combining the UC and contact center ecosystems.

Vonage promises a comprehensive environment for hospitality businesses embarking on a new era of digital transformation, with endless opportunities to scale with your business needs. Integrated workforce management tools and AI solutions enable hospitality brands to get the most out of their processes and teams.

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